IS AFFILIATE MARKETING WORTH IT? (Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2022)

Is affiliate marketing worth it? Does affiliate marketing still work? See this to find out!
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Did you know that YOU have been doing affiliate marketing for your whole life? Most likely you are doing it Every. Single. Day. Whenever you are recommending some products to your friend, you are doing affiliate marketing.

Most of the time you don’t get paid when you are recommending or “promoting” some products to your friends. But if you are doing affiliate marketing online, whenever someone clicks your link and buys something after that, you earn money.

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Affiliate Marketing is something natural and every single human being will do it in one way or another during their whole life.

I think the main reason why people ask, “Is affiliate marketing worth it?” because they don’t really understand how it works.


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Whenever I’ve seen someone saying things such as,

“Affiliate Marketing is dead.”
“Affiliate marketing is not profitable anymore.”

They are usually just marketers trying to get your attention and then they sell their alternative business models such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, etc. where you’d need much more money to get started, you have much more “moving pieces”.

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