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[Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Hello hello welcome to another episode Of wake up legendary it’s Wednesday November 16th I have just outside of This door a dog losing her mind uh I’m Not sure what she’s losing her mind at But please forgive me it’s Beauty oh she Ran out the dog door all right we’re Good all right uh we go live for those Of you who don’t know every single Monday through Friday at 10 A.M eastern Time so 10 a.m Eastern on our Facebook Page we go live and uh bring you another Story another person uh who’s taken our Training or takes uh one of the core Four business models that we teach and Has built a successful business and They’re crushing it we just want to Share their story as a way to share some Inspiration I say often that You can wake up uh to CNN cable news uh Fox News whatever uh you can wake up to All the intense nonsense and kind of BS That’s going on in the world or you can Wake up Um and start your day with something Like wake up legendary uh and hear from People just like you who are pushing Through Um all the all the initial sort of Hurdles and jumping over all those

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Initial hurdles of getting a business Started so if you’re tuned in live with Us let us know in the chat where you’re Tuning in from and uh help me also Welcome on our guests for today uh Tom From Colorado what’s up Tom all right Nice to meet you good to have you on Um tell us a little bit about how you Found legendary and uh tell us a little Bit about uh I’m actually curious about Just you know experience with Beachbody Back in the day because sometimes it’s Interesting to get people’s like Backstories in history but uh tell us a Little bit about you and tell us how you Found legendary All right sure thanks for having me on Here Kind of start back in the late 90s when I was dating my wife at the time we Actually got into The MLM World cool and there was a Initial company that came out with Health Products supplements and water Filters that was the big thing so we Decided to jump in there and try that Out we love the experience of it wasn’t An in-home thing but they actually did It in an office building Big office setting hundreds of people And the energy was crazy so we kind of Caught on to that real quick And we did that for a few months and I Found out it was really hard to kind of

Get other people to come to those events As well sure step away from their Families and come to those events for One or two hours several days a week So they were kind of stepped out of that For a while and went back to normal nine To five life Yep So that was back in the 90s holy smokes Okay cool I was just uh I was just a wee Little thing Um so you so you started there and a lot Of our I would say a lot of our audience Um has some form of a background in MLM I mean I first found The it I think it’s just an it’s sort of An easy approachable way to make money On the side or something you know it’s Like for a lot of people they’re just Desiring a little extra income they’re Desiring a little bit more out of life I Think like whether that’s losing weight Or supplements or Um even just making more money Um and that Yeah I it’s sort of like a it’s not like A rite of passage but kind of like a Rite of passage a little bit Um into sort of discovering you know for Me I found the four hour work week and Uh that was powerful and uh learned how To use the internet and so Um so talk to us a little bit about you Know your work and then and and what

Between you know maybe your wife and you Or or maybe just you what Um Yeah what’s what what was the driving Factor to come online and start an Online business A couple things on there um we had our First daughter and that’s when the Beachbody came in to affect the wife Wanted to stay home moms I need to find Some other sort of income and didn’t Really want to work a second job and log Into somebody else For another four to six hours We did the Beachbody thing for a while Um an amazing result for myself which Inspired a lot of people was really hard To get other people to work out too they Always wrapped on even though I lost 40 Pounds We had muscles and everything and you Can see abs and everything but it’s just Real hard to get somebody else to put in That amount of effort for yourself to So yeah We’re uh we had our second daughter and Recently we moved to Delaware two years Ago family [Music] Death She decided to start making an Instagram Page The dogs While doing that she got hit up by

Several affiliate marketing companies Saying hey would you show our products With your dogs So they started building on that and Then a couple of months later Legendary Cool super cool Um hey is your phone on some sort of a Stand Yeah is it is the bottom of the stand Kind of hitting the speaker or the Microphone it just got like Okay I think it’s okay I was just Getting some feedback from the chat that It’s a little bit hard to hear Uh maybe it just sounds like there’s Something muffling it a little bit but I’m not really clear on what that is so Um so tell us a little bit about when You started with legendary and you dive Into legendary you start the 15 day Challenge I’m curious like throughout All of that had you ever have you ever Started Anything online like had you ever Started a training or Um anything to like you know help you Figure out lead generation or anything Like that No everything was brand new to me I first saw it in January of this year And I watched I watched about six people for five Months wow you know I was just walking

Around yeah and I I kept watching them Daily doing the same videos and then I Decided to email them all and message Them All different questions you know let’s Answer the same way a little bit Different but kind of just kind of Trusted one more than the other and then Decided to get started wow I had to move Back to Colorado And my expenses were going to be like Another 1200 a month To move back there so I needed to find Something else I could do so I got Started I think the beginning of July Okay and towards the end of July you Guys are doing I think as Joshua that Was doing the Facebook the five-day Facebook challenge that was my first Put my videos on towards the end of July So I really only been in it for three Months Everything was brand new to me all the Straightening but for the training it Really opened my eyes on man there’s so Many more things I could do out there And it’s going to help me build that Business for my daughters for their dog Their dog influencers Again expand on that for them so they Can actually make a lot more money and Do a lot more things so I have a lot of Ideas going on I think the thing is Worth it yeah yeah yeah cool well you’ve

You’ve really you know having started Back in July and got it started I mean It takes a little bit of time right it Takes a couple months to get the feel For it it takes a couple months of just Believing that you know somebody’s gonna Watch the videos you know you sort of Posted videos and you’re like kind of Looking around like uh is anybody out There Um And then you know I think you started to Really take off in September and uh Things have really taken off for you Um walk us through the starting of the The content creation because I’m curious How you were able to go from sort of no Content creation to now now you’re a Content creator yeah if I had a little Bit of content creation from my Daughters while they were doing the Videos of the dogs and messing with Those so I just kind of watched them and They showed me how Um Just putting myself out there and Wanting to actually put myself on the Video Yeah after you get the first two or Three it’s like what was I afraid of Yeah interesting people are gonna like It some people are gonna scroll by it But You might just Inspire one person and it

Totally changed their life Yeah totally and I think that um I think That with uh with with creating content You talked about kind of tapping into an Existing resource that you have which is Your daughter Um and uh and creating videos and sort Of watching and looking in and looking And that’s just being resourceful it’s Taking a look at what resources do I Have around me how do I leverage that And everybody’s got some form of Resources there’s some Story I mean even If people are homeless even you know There’s some sort of story behind that I See I see people on Tick Tock who are Homeless or have some sort of Disability and and their accounts are Massive and they have funds or certain Things that they’ve got Um that you know there’s always some Form of a story there’s always something And a lot of people just don’t tell it Because they’re nervous or they’re Worried what people are going to think Or say or what ever Um what do you when you first got Started with content creation what did You uh find to be the most uh easy and Then also the most difficult Most difficult was just videotaping Yourself That was the most difficult and then Wanting to hit that post button super

Awkward right super awkward I I Videotape myself doing workouts before For people but that was just for 10 20 30 people not for billions of people to See So that’s kind of that’s kind of Nerve-wracking I think that that Five-day Facebook real challenge really Helped me out but we had a big group of People Um Joshua was given a lot of tips and Tricks on what we should do and Everybody posted posted videos and Everybody supported each other and I Think that really made it a whole lot Easier for me Yeah totally I think that um I have a Lot of people uh that we’ve interviewed On this show and different places where They uh They come on and they say exactly what You just said which is I got started in Some sort of a tick tock challenge or a Facebook rails challenge or some you Know some sort of a challenge and I Think that that’s so interesting because There’s something about you know and I Know Um I don’t know if Beachbody doesn’t but Like different different mlms they’ll Always be doing challenges and it’s a Way to kind of stir up the energy and Get the and get people like oh man I Can’t miss out on the challenge you know

Like it’s it’s a challenge I can’t say No to a challenge I interviewed a lady Like a couple weeks ago and she was like You know it was really just the word Challenge as soon as I heard the word Challenge I was like well you know if You’re gonna challenge me to something I’m not gonna I’m not gonna back down I’m not gonna not finish it or something Right and so Um I I think that you know getting into Some form of a challenge or Participating in some form of a communal Accountability I think is like kind of The key word there is accountability and When you were doing Beachbody I’m Guessing you probably had days or Moments where uh you know the big piece Of you said get it was hard to get People to work out a big piece of that Is just accountability sometimes people Just hate accountability because it Hurts and it sucks That’s so true yeah what I mean from July He has a point of view of it and Everybody has different results so some People just don’t think I’m not going to Be able to get the same results as you So I’m not sure But oh You don’t know if you don’t cry And you can totally change your life That’s why I’m here I want to actually

Help people and I I’ve been through Customer service jobs financial jobs Sales jobs but I kind of have I’m not Helping people and like seeing people Succeed And that that kind of gives me more Pleasure but more excitement that Somebody else Everything Oh that’s such a good point uh I feel Like a lot of times people I just I Notice like kind of your the way that You look at things is sort of through an Optimistic lens which I feel like is Um really important and valuable but What I mean by that is like a lot of Times people would work a lot of Different jobs and I know for me like I Had a lot a lot of time where I would be Working jobs and or I’d switch jobs or Something and I’d feel like I was you Know like the thing that kept coming up Was you know oh he can’t hold a job or Something and I I didn’t jump around That much to jobs and I was in my 20s so I mean for goodness sakes who cares but To me I was like oh yeah I can’t hold a Job you know whatever like I’m kind of a Loser just gonna look bad on my resume And it’s just it is funny how you’re Just like no I’ve got these different Experiences that now have sort of led me To this place where I can now relate to A lot of different people from different

Backgrounds from different works of life And Um and all of that stuff sort of Compiles into your ability to connect to People and I would say that’s one of the Biggest things about you know going Online and going on social media is just How how is your ability to Uh set aside you know your wants your Desires your you know how important we Think we are and sort of just open Ourselves to connecting with somebody And and sharing a little bit about how We might be able to help them or we Might have something cool to share with Them or something like that Um man I think that that’s really cool And really important for people to Realize that Oftentimes what we might see and I don’t Even think you implied or said that this Is a weakness but for me I was like wow My weaknesses are oftentimes my Strengths which is um which is just a Different lens it’s like putting Different glasses on like different Glasses and seeing the world through a Different realm Um that’s filled with a bit more Self-esteem and a bit more confidence You know Um as you’re creating content tell us What you know in those first three Months there’s not a lot of traffic

Coming there’s not a lot of uh leads Coming there’s not a lot of sales coming Yet But in those first few months as you’re Just building your infrastructure you’re Kind of building and setting things up And figuring it out what was important To you Um as you were getting started what what Uh how were you creating content and Coming up with ideas in those early days Right when you got started because we Got a lot of people here who are just Getting started Yeah the guy I got started with that was A Christian Christian Focus who’s been On here a couple times We became friends Yeah I saw him in the comments I think He’s watching Hi there but he’s he reaches out to me And sees how things are going he’s Giving me a lot of tips he watches my my Content and tells me what to do what not To do and you should try this But I’ve taken a lot of his advice and Have gone out and done those things and Especially so far they’ve paid off I think uh all the platforms are a Little bit different so I use the cap Cut app I build all my videos And then I post among each individual Platform and just add the song

From each individual platform so there’s Not enough copyright so come back to you Yeah that’s super smart and a great way To uh it’s a super smart way to be able To repurpose all your content all over Different places too that’s really Powerful as well yeah that makes sense Are you also sort of so Tick Tock maybe Facebook Instagram other other places That you’re posting videos to I started on YouTube I gotta figure that Out a little bit more but mainly just Those three platforms yeah well those Are three good ones to get going on That’s for sure the um yeah I’ve seen a Lot of new traction from YouTube shorts Recently and I think that that’s an Underrated one right now but you know Sometimes it’s it’s random sometimes It’s just hit and miss you get you get An occasional 10 000 views on YouTube And then over here on tick tock on a Totally different video you’ve got a Different uh you got a different video That goes viral and it’s sort of like You know Building out this we call it Omni Presence but this this sort of I’m Present on all these different platforms And you sneak five leads here and two Leads here and one lead here and it all Adds up to be a big lead generation Machine this content machine Um that’s very different and I’m sure

You can relate with this but it’s very Different than lead generation in 2011. It’s like a we’re playing a totally Different game now oh yeah and even back In 99 we had to do everything in the Newspaper and put ads in the newspaper And same thing talk to your friends call Your friends and make a list of all of Your friends and call them one by one to See who you can get involved dude Hundreds of millions of people and just Take one video to go viral That changes everything for you and That’s kind of what happened to me wow Yeah and I think that that’s I even in 2010 I was posting you believe this or Not I was posting Craigslist ads uh and they were Basically newspaper ads I mean it was Written and formatted just like a Newspaper ad and you know it had a phone Number to call and uh I mean geez it was Crazy it was crazy but Um so so you know and then I learned Search engine optimization and I started Writing blogs and rather than me trying To put my stuff out in front of people I Instead you know became the hunted Instead of the Hunter and people would Type in how to you know whatever and my Blog post would come up so now they’re Already looking for what I’ve got and Now it’s just a matter of you know That’s the idea behind freelance digital

Marketing is uh selling things that People are already have a desire for are Already looking for and you just have to You know basically just say hey let me Just steer you over here and I’m not the Expert I’m not the course creator I’m Not I don’t handle the merchant accounts I don’t handle the support I don’t do Any of that but let me just steer you Over here and you can take a little Piece of that pie which is kind of a Cool business model honestly Um What uh here’s what I am curious about So as you start to get the wheels start Turning a little and you start to Generate some leads from all these Videos you’re making what’s been your Secret to generating uh conversions or You know say it another way uh turning People into buyers as opposed to just Kind of looky-loos because it seems like You convert a lot of customers and I’m Curious you know how you do that if you Have any secrets Yeah certainly Um when I first started anytime someone Reached out I always put on the videos Like follow share and comment as people So I can reach back out to you as soon As someone come in and I would DM them Back and I would ask them you know what Caught you’re into I’d wait for them to respond I would

Respond appropriately and then I would Ask what their goals are what their Struggles they’re going through right Now So I can kind of get an idea of how I’m Going to help them and get whatever Angle I need to be able to help them in Their situation And that got to a point where that that Was working for a while and then I had The one video that that firewall I think It has like three million views on it Now 40 000 comments I got so many So many DMS every day 100 plus like 100 Plus followers I couldn’t keep up with everybody So I just I ended up making one big Message and sending it to everybody and Just tell them if you have questions Reach out to me I’ll be happy But I I couldn’t help 300 people a day So I just had to find an angle that I Could to help anybody and send them all The information all at once Wow and I wanted to just point out to Everybody who’s here I I thought we kind Of you you said something that I felt Was really important and we kind of Moved past it but I wanted to just Emphasize that Um has everybody notice how Tom just Said you know when I start talking to

Somebody I ask them a question and That’s a really important thing that a Lot of people Miss is asking people Questions getting them to say showing That you’re interested in them rather Than just saying hey look I you know go To the link go to this link and and buy My you know uh the first thing is He asked a question he says what caught Your interest and wow what a powerful Question because that’s it’s called an Open-ended question basically a question That could allow people to go lots of Different directions rather than asking Them a yes or no question which is you Know it that kind that’s just a basic Conversational skill but um that a yes Or no question sort of forces you into This interrogation and an open-ended Question will allow you to sort of Explore it’s way less interrogation and More just like what caught you know People go a million different directions With that and then even diving into Things like what’s your goals why are You interested and those kind of things Open up the ability for you to to not Only connect with somebody connection You don’t have to have any special Social skills you just have to be able To ask some questions and show interest And Um you know I think that there’s this camera with

This book is called but it’s I think It’s how to win friends and influence People and you know it’s basically just All about that I mean it’s all just About showing it real interest in people And that’s the hard wiring that’s the DNA of people it’s also though not just A manipulative sales tactic right it’s It that comes across like I’m saying you Know it’s it’s just this way to get Somebody to buy something it sounds like You’re being manipulative now the truth Is is that you know people are looking Actively to buy stuff online on social Media but they’re also mostly looking For a connection like at the deepest Kind of core human need is some form of Connection right and so if you if you Have the ability to connect with people And the ability to to explore for Instance somebody’s goals with them even If they don’t buy something from you Like if I’m in the weight loss Niche and I’m exploring somebody’s weight loss Goals with them you know I asked them a Question and I say you know why do you Think it’s been so hard to lose that Weight what would you point to or what Are some signals or why it’s been so Hard you know even if somebody never Buys from me but I asked that question a Lot of times they’re going to think About that question for weeks and months And maybe even years and they’re gonna

Not be haunted by it but just kind of Wonder like wow I hadn’t really thought Of that before that was I was a that was A meaningful question and you know that Kind of connection can really change People and it gives you the opportunity To to help people grow help people Change regardless of financial outcome And if you do it right and you do it Well and you build Goodwill You might actually be able to help them Make a powerful buying decision and a Lot of times when people buy something It’s when they commit to something and When they commit to something you know Usually they’ll see some form of change Or at least a step in the right Direction and it just so happens that in Our world and how we’re built as humans That comes in the form of money and they Usually pay for something and that’s a Meaningful transaction where you know I Go to therapy and I pay a lot of money For my therapy sessions and damn it I Show up on time to those things because They cost me money and I show up and I’m Ready and I’m prepared and I’m focused And I’m not gonna you know I’m not gonna Do anything else that whole hour that The 30 minutes before and the 30 minutes After because this cost me a lot of Freaking money and so if I’m gonna grow And I’m Gonna Change that’s how it’s Gonna happen and so I think that I was

Just really really uh I don’t know I was impacted by how you Said You know I I start that out by asking Questions getting to know people getting To know what their um what they’re Feeling what their goals are what’s Important to them and it’s really bad I Mean you probably learned that back in The MLM days because that’s real basic Kind of just networking stuff but it’s Really I think people in the internet World often forget that Yeah and I and I feel a lot of people Still think a lot of these things are Scams so if you’re actually asking them You know hey what what caught your Interest from my video What are your goals are what what Struggles are you going through right Now then you can relate to them you Might have the same kind of experience From the past it just makes it a whole Lot easier to Build that relationship with them and Everybody knows you help them get what They want you’ll get what you want That’s Said for decades yeah it’s like the most Basic Marketing right yeah who said that Uh you know I think it was maybe Jim Rohn or something you know if you want To get rich or something just help People get more of what they want

Um and and that’s the simplest way to Become wealthier something something of That effect but Um Man cool wow what a powerful nugget of Of uh marketing gold that that is what Tell us a little bit about Um your day-to-day so break down like a Typical day of maybe content creation or Um I I don’t know if you said this Earlier are you still working in nine to Five and doing this on the side or how How Um you structure your time and content Creation and stuff Sure yeah I still work still work my Nine to five um I usually get up and I Work out first thing in the morning this Is this is my gym right behind me work Out at home And then I do my nine to five but I Usually do all my contact Creation in The evening So sometimes I’ll put two videos in the Evening a couple hours apart or Sometimes I’ll wake up first thing in The morning before my workout and throw A video on first thing in the morning There’s a lot of people that are getting Up and they sit in bed for 30 45 minutes And just sit there on social media all Morning or they’re already ready and They’re sitting down having breakfast And coffee and there’s searching on

Social media so you gotta be able to Kind of get that to all those kind of People during those times What um what as you’re creating content I’m curious like Um what what’s been what’s been the Secret with you specifically uh you’re On multiple different channels but What’s been the secret with Instagram Because you know with 99 000 followers on Instagram Dude that’s a lot like was there Anything in particular you did that was Different than maybe other what other People are doing or was there a moment That you were able to grow that super Fast or did you use paid advertising or What did you have any like weird secret To Instagram that was that was Big for you Um nothing real secret I pretty much Great the same video and put it on all Platforms and like I’ve heard from a lot Of other people You’re gonna get hot on one or two Platforms you might be dead on the rest I I would say I get less than 50 views On Facebook Less than 300 on Tick Tock and Instagram Most of my videos have an average of 10 000 views So it’s it’s just kind of the draw one Thing I did notice is on Instagram you Can actually share

So usually at the end of the video I put Like follow and share so people will Share that video to whoever else Tick Tock has a save so you can save it for Later so you’ll want to put like follow And save for later to try to get people To put that in there so they re-watch at A later time but I think that share Really helps out Several of my videos have over a Thousand shares On them so that’s just extra free Marketing for you that some random Person just shared it with somebody else And that’s just one extra person that Could join your business and that you Could Change their life with this business Model that we do that’s crazy that’s Crazy Man I feel like uh yeah and what a what A helpful Little Nugget or tip to To everybody who’s starting that is Really true I do see that a lot where Some people are Um they’re super viral on Tick Tock and Their Instagrams like every video’s got Like 50. and it just seems like yours is Kind of the opposite where your Instagram is is just massive and blowing Up that’s really odd it is it is crazy How that happens but it’s the it Stresses the importance a lot of times People in our community are only on Tick

Tock it stresses the importance to make Sure you’re on all of these different Platforms because man you just never Know which of these might go super viral And you might have just a massive Um yeah you just you might have a really Incredible growth spurt on one of these Platforms and it could lead you to Thousands and thousands of dollars of Income just from one single platform man Superpower powerful and it’s just as Simple as that creating that one video Editing it all you do it in cap cut you Can do it in any of these you could just Do it in Tick Tock if you wanted and Then download it and take it on these Platforms change the music up and you’re Off and running do you do a few videos Each day Yeah I try and do two or three yeah Sometimes I I wake up I just have no idea what I’m Gonna do but just you throw something Together because you never know who it’s Going to impact Um let’s say one of my videos I just I Didn’t know what to do I just sat down Recorded myself just typed up something Real quick put it on there and it has 300 000 views and several hundred shares Again on Instagram Um but once you once you get that one Video that goes viral Everybody is watching that video plus

The next two or three that you post and The next challenge which you post and it Just keeps going in a circle I think my I think that went on for about almost a Month and a half Wow every day where I’d have hundreds And hundreds of DMs For about a month and a half trying to Keep up with all those so you’re not Going to be able to reach everybody But you try to reach as many as you can And one thing I did notice on Instagram Is they won’t let you they only let you Comment so many times And yeah the DM so many times so after You’ve already done that they blocked You for about 24 hours I’ve been blocked several times yeah it Will be people so if you ever get into That point it’s good to maybe Send 10 to 20 DMS for an hour and then Wait a couple hours and then go back in And do another 10 to 20 so that you Don’t get blocked because being blocked For like 24 hours is not fun Yeah yeah especially when a lot of your Business depends on being able to create Content Sit there and relate with people and you Can’t talk to them you can’t really do Anything yeah yeah totally seen it a Million times the Um so do you ever go live on any of These platforms do you have any other

Are you mostly just creating content Mostly just creating content so from Seeing up our all the other interviews And live interviews that’s something Here to do in the near future yeah and Uh I need to get on some of the other Live people and see what they’re Actually doing yeah Bingo to follow Exactly what they’re doing Um I’d probably have a lot of huge Anxiety just going on there right out The gate trying to figure out what in The world I’m gonna say right I’m gonna Watch some of the other live people First and see how they’re actually Reacting with their people yeah man wow Another another big gold bar of uh Wisdom there you know rather than Feeling overwhelmed and sitting in an Action what do you say well I mean lots Of people are doing it I’ll probably Just go and see what they do take some Notes and then do it myself like it’s Just it’s there’s so many examples and So many different Wow just different Avenues you could Take it I mean I think about somebody Like Calvin Hill who for the last two Years has just gone live and basically Gave the same presentation every single Week about crypto and and uh about Stocks and about uh building an online Business to fund that and all this Different stuff and and um and then

There’s different people like Amy or Different it’s just a lot of people out There who are who are doing that kind of Thing and going live and and Um but yeah I mean I always just tell people just do what Works like do what works try out little Things like you know I’m gonna try out Going live and I’ll give it a 30 day Shot I’ll go live maybe once or twice a Week See if I like it also see if it Generates more sales I think the big Thing that it does maybe sometimes even More than generating sales Is uh it increases overall conversions Like as in total Um we call it it’s a it’s a figure we Call lifetime value so what we saw by Going live five days a week with this Show is Um it actually serves our community more Than it does a cold audience we don’t Actually get a lot of lead generation From this show but what it does is it it Um it gives people additional touches More touches more live touches because No one in our industry is doing this no One uh they might go live inside of a Facebook group to like four people or Something you know as a as a form of Coaching and mentoring that you had to Pay to get into it but not in terms of Just a free live show to share you know

Content creation strategies or how People are growing or what are they Doing on Facebook or Instagram right Mostly we’re just trying to expose People to hey here’s some people who are Being successful go kind of investigate See what they’re doing see what you know See what their strategies are it’s Another Um person you can go look at but yeah I Just I think that um I don’t know where I was going with that I just lost it but Anyway I I think that Um a lot of times you know going live Might not bring a ton more leads Although I’ve seen that happen for sure I’ve seen people generate a ton more Leads and sales from that I think the big benefit is that those Leads and the traffic that you generate Oftentimes will spend more money with You because they’re now seeing you live They’ve got additional help and support They’ve got you know they’re they’re Able to see Uh you real In the Flesh you know as a Real human being and they’re like whoa This is like now it turned it it turns From content into Community which is now A totally different realm that they’ve Entered and it’s a really powerful and Probably the most powerful when it comes To Yeah that metric of lifetime value so

What comes up as I say that Would you agree oh yeah I would agree With all that and I would tell a lot of People that a lot of people didn’t want To do videos and put themselves out There but that’s the first step people Want to see that you’re a live person And you’re not a robot Um I get a lot of people that want to Actually call me video call me on Instagram because they want to see that I’m the same person that they’re seeing On the videos I’ve actually made a lot made several Friends I got a couple of handfuls of People that I’m helping on a day-to-day They reach out to me all the time now Because we’ve had that video chat for Five or ten minutes and they can just See that one unreal just like them Normal average everyday person and Anybody can do this Yeah Isn’t that just oh man that’s I I think in anything like in uh like in In dog training or in weight loss or in Virtually any Niche any industry There’s something Uber powerful about Discovering that the expert or the guru Is just a normal freaking person it’s Like are you serious this person’s just Like me like they struggle just like me They’re just you know like Whatever they they’ve they’ve put on 15

Pounds just like me and they they’re Struggling to get it off just like me You know that the words just like me are Just really powerful in there yeah man Super super powerful so Tom um I’ve got Your Tick Tock and Instagram handle up Here make money with funk for everybody Who’s here Go uh follow him and uh and you know I Don’t want to say harass him but you Know tell him to tell him you want to See him go live I think so I don’t know if you know this But I’ve um I’ve become a little bit of A bully and um I’ve now been bullying People into going live uh who haven’t Gone live before to test it out and try It out some people it stuck some people It hasn’t but I’ve been seeing these People on Tick Tock as I’ve scrolled I Was like oh you’re on the wake-up show And now here you are live hanging out so Um it’s a funny but no don’t don’t go Bully him everybody but uh go follow him And make sure you you let him know that You saw him on a wake up legendary Tom For everybody who’s here Um you know there’s a lot of people here In the comments who are brand new like They they just had you know it’s day one Or day two of the challenge the idea of Freelance digital marketing is new still And Um it’s an exciting time but it’s it can

Also be an overwhelming time what would You say to these people who are they’re Just kind of getting going and they’re Maybe nervous or worried about starting Tick Tock or Instagram or something like That and there’s a little bit of nerves About hitting posts on that first video What would you say to those people Yeah the big thing is just is just do it Um when you get in today I think it was Five six or seven that really Really blows things up and lets you know That man I could do this I could do this I could do this it just gives you so Many ideas of different directions you Can go with this whole business model And training Um I said that again it really opened my Eyes to all the different directions I Can go and help not only myself but my Kids build something For my nine to five my kids are not Going to be able to ever take over my Nine to five ever and even if they did They would start down at the bottom so This is something that they can actually Take over one day and build off of what I had which is it’s amazing basically For this business model Um I would tell you that when I got Started in July I was in the transition From moving from Delaware back to Colorado So I’m trying to pack a house I’m trying

To sell a house I’m trying to buy a new House I’m trying to move my family Across the country Just after finishing the training and Then like man how am I going to create Content through all this But I did it I just kept doing it even While we’re driving I would take videos Of myself with driving in the car Driving down the road in different areas And I would use those and make those Every time we stopped for you know for a Restroom break or something I would take 15-20 minutes to put a video together And just throw it on there You need to get down two or three videos A day to stay consistent do it every Single day no matter if you think it’s Great if you think it sucks if you think No One’s Gonna look at it just stay Consistent and within that first month You know one by one two by two you’ll Get followers you’ll get people that Actually reach out to you and then You’ll hit that one person that says hey You’re just like me what what the heck Are you doing I need to do this And then it’ll just keep on going from There the more the more you just stay Consistent it’s going to happen one day So just go by If you build it they will come I love that and I live by that too Tom Thanks for uh coming on the show uh if

You’re open to it in uh in a month or Two if you want to reach back out we’d Love to have you back on and just see What’s new in your world and see Um you know what are what are some new Strategies that you’ve been learning What’s what’s fresh in your mind and We’d love to just catch up and and see On the show again Okay yeah I appreciate that and who Knows we might be live by that time all Right all right I love it I love it now We’re talking okay Tom thanks again have A good rest your Wednesday and um yeah We’ll see you on next time all right Thanks everybody So yeah uh Hey his uh handle is on Tick Tock and Instagram it’s make money with Funk f-u-n-k so uh make money with funk Uh go find Tom go give him a follow say Hey I saw you on wake up legendary love What you’re doing uh let him know what Was what was one or two things that were Really impactful maybe share a couple of His videos just give him some love and Uh I I call this building yourself some Good business Karma Um you know if you only go around to Social media videos and uh uh your your Uh reporting videos Non-Stop and Blocking people and restricting and Doing all of that chances are you might See that come back around too whether You believe in karma or not I I happen

To believe a little bit of business Karma Um just because I’ve seen it and Experienced it so go share like comment And um you know if you want to be a Bully you can you can bully Tom into He’s a he’s a he’s a grown adult kids he Can handle it but you can bully him into Going live and uh we’ll see we’ll see What takes off and what does I haven’t Seen a lot of people go live on Instagram so we’ll see Um what that’s like and and maybe he’ll Report back to us in a month or two on How it’s going so hey we’ll be back here Again uh the rest of the week Um I’m hosting on behalf of Dave he is It’s his birthday week so uh if you can Go post to Dave’s social media or uh Post in the group in the legendary Marketer group uh and let Dave know Happy birthday I think his birthday is Tomorrow so Um him and Aaron are doing fun things For his birthday week Uh and he’ll be back uh hosting on Monday I believe so uh rest of the week You got me and uh we’ll welcome Dave Back into the fold on Monday peace out Everybody see you happy Wednesday [Music]

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