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eBook Writing Service

Hiring an eBook writing service is commonplace and is gaining in popularity. And eBook writing service can help turn your ideas into a published eBook, available for instant purchase and download. More and more people are opting to read eBooks using their pocket-sized devices, which can be taken anywhere.

3 Steps to Harness Your Inner Critic

The Inner Critic – that voice that tells you, “You suck!” – can stop you from writing your sales copy and having successful sales conversations. So what do you do? Take these 3 steps and use the Critic’s energy to fuel your success.

Content Writing – A Lucrative Awakening

Content writing is an offshoot of internet media, with more people connected via the internet now than ever before, it has made a considerable impact on how we communicate, research, and process information. This has given budding writers of varying statures an opportunity to make a career out of writing, which was a little daunting during the pre internet era. Even if it was not that hard to make it as a writer, the career was not especially lucrative unless you were a published author.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing Mastery: A Beginners Guide to Testimonials That Sell (Do Yours?)

Your customers don’t want to hear how great you think your products and services are, they want to know what people just like them thought of you, your products and services. The easiest way to show them that is by using testimonials that sell.

5 Steps to Writing a Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. Some have even tried and just not gotten the results they wanted.

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