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Use a Fictional Story to Sell Products or Services

When writing a self-help book or a new product article, telling a story is a powerful way to get your message across. Here are the key elements to telling a fictionalized story.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Barriers To A ‘Mafia Offer’ (One That Is Too Good to Refuse)

It’s a cardinal sin not to be making an offer. ‘There will be offer(s)’ is a direct marketing commandment. However most offers under deliver relative to their potential. This article shows you three common barriers to creating a great offer.

Tried and True Tips for Writing Outside Your Genre

How hard is it to write outside your genre? VERY. Is it possible to do it and come out sounding like an expert? OF COURSE. Here’s how you do it!

Running a Successful Freelance Writing Business

Good writing is only part of the formula for a successful freelance business. You need to be successful as a business owner too, which will equal steady work, happy clients, and a comfortable income.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Ways To Eliminate Sales Resistance In Your Copy (Yes Yours!)

Sales resistance is a hideous beast. It shows up in the most unexpected places and sabotages your conversion rates. This article gives you three ways to reduce sales resistance in your copy.

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