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Developing Your Stock Trading Strategy

There is both a science and an art to successfully trading stocks. The science part requires doing your due diligence and having a firm grasp on the fundamentals. But the art side is something that will be unique to each individual trader. Part of succeeding as a trader is having the courage to determine what really works best for you personally. Use the following questions to help you determine which strategies fit best with your style.

US Stock Market – How the Stock Market Works

Although an article on the stock market might seem too basic for many, starting with the fundamentals can often help clarify important themes in investing. In this article we discover the important aspects of how the stock market works.

An Analogy for the Stock and Bond Investor

Although stocks and bonds offer investors return on their money, a different approach must be made to trade the securities successfully. In this article, the reader learns a simple rule of thumb for investing their money.

Are Rescue Efforts Too Late To Prevent A Global Recession?

Central banks have been slow and reluctant to come to the rescue of accelerating global economic slowdowns. The U.S. stock market is at multi-year highs, which could have one think its economy is booming. So it’s not just that central banks are behind the curve of a threatening global recession, but that markets may be well ahead of not only the central banks, but economic prospects.

Losing Money in the Stock Market Is Unfortunate

Over the years, many folks have told me horror stories of how they made, but then lost money in the stock market. In hindsight I’d say that losing money in the stock market is common I suppose, sometimes I’d say its job is to screw the most amount of people and transfer wealth to the insiders and market makers, and to sell and feed it to the fishes, little investors, just before it all collapses. It’s a lot like gambling I suppose, and well, you know the house always wins in the end they say.

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