How to Use AI to Write Efficiently: Context, Getting what you want from ShortlyAI

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Context is the content used to guide the AI to return the results you want. Understanding this context could be the most important skill you’ll need to become efficient with ShortlyAI.

This guide will explain everything you need to know to make the most of your AI writing assistant and become more productive than you ever imagined you could be.

Before we dive in, let’s go over the Shortly UI’s various parts where context is important.

The ShortlyAI UI
The truly amazing thing about Shortly is that it is both straightforward but subtly complex at the same time. On the surface, there aren’t many things to worry about. You can simply write your heart out.

And when you need AI assistance, it’s there. And the one thing with total control over it is your words — and how you use them in the article brief, title, content area, and the special /commands.

This is something unique to Shortly. No other AI writing app gives you this level of control and flexibility.

Let’s go over the article brief and title first.

The Article Brief & Title
The article brief tells your AI assistant what type of content you want and the topic it is about. Providing a detailed, topic-rich brief is important.

For example, “Please write an article about working from home” is not a very topic-rich article brief.

Instead, use something like “Please write an article about the difficulties of dealing with distractions while working from home.“

You could go further even “Please write a creative article about the difficulties of dealing with distractions while working from home with young children.“

This is important because the article brief is the “anchor” of the context sent to the AI. When you click the “write for me” button, it is always sent (along with the title) — so it has a lot of influence over the AI’s result. I’ll explain more about why I emphasized the word “always” here in a moment.

The title acts in the same way, and the best practice I’ve found is to use it to set the overall topic. In the example above, a good title might be “Working From Home: Overcoming Distractions From Your Little Ones.”

Notice I used slightly different words (with the same meaning) — this will set the stage for the article content area.

Before we move on, though, I want to emphasize the article brief and title are almost always sent to the AI. A little later I’ll explain when it isn’t used and why.

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