how to use 3COMMAS with Binance & TradingView to AUTO-TRADE CRYPTO

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Want to learn Pine Script? Look no further. I have you covered!

This lesson demonstrates how to set up your 3COMMAS 3rd party API with Binance & TradingView so that you can use TradingView script alerts to automate your trading strategies.

With over 15 years of coding experience and 4+ years of trading experience, I specialize in TradingView’s Pine Script programming language and I’m here to pass on everything I’ve learned about both trading and coding.

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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Choosing Your Strategy
04:11 – Connecting 3commas to Binance
06:55 – Creating A Paper Trading Account
08:10 – Creating Your 3commas Bot
09:00 – 3commas Bot Settings
17:22 – 3commas Webhook & Commands
19:36 – Testing Our API Connection
21:32 – Adding Bot Commands to Your Script
27:15 – Setting Your Alerts
30:15 – Trading With Real Money/Crypto
30:44 – Outro

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