How to land survey with an android phone? It is easy, but is it accurate enough?

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This video is all about how you can land survey with an Android phone. Main thing is to download Apglos Survey Wizard:

An Android phone has inbuilt GPS. Also the Nokia 1 Plus does. We divided the video in three parts to make it easy for you to understand and you can start to land survey with an Android phone.

1. what you need to land survey with an Android phone
2. how you survey a point and a line with Apglos Survey Wizard
3. and how accurate it is to land survey with a phone

Apglos created this video. Apglos is a software development company. And we developed the easiest land survey app. It is Apglos Survey Wizard. It is free to download from the Google Play Store:

So make sure you try Apglos Survey Wizard. It is one of the first steps on how to survey land with an Android phone.

Check out more on Apglos Survey Wizard:

If surveying with an Android phone is not something for you then you can get one of our GNSS receivers:

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