How to Install a Free Live Chat on a WHMCS website

Want to install a Live Chat for free on your WHMCS Website?

Discover how you can add our WHMCS plugin in less than 1 minute with no coding skills.

This is a video tutorial to install a Live Chat on a WHMCS website, for free!

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here is an article that explains the process:

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Crisp a messaging platform that lets companies enhance customer journey through many features: HelpDesk, Live Chat, Drip campaigns, Chatbots and so much more.

#WHMCS #LiveChat Tutorial

Hosted By: Baptiste
Category: Integrations

0:00 Introduction
0:17 Join us at
0:30 Pick the WHMCS setup
0:50 Go to your WHMCS Dashboard
1:06 Get the licence Key
1:45 Reply to your chat messages from
1:55 Customize your live chat for whmcs website
2:30 Invite teammates to the inbox
2:40 Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

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