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Creating landing pages is so important for that business. You actually need a landing page for those ads you have been thinking of running.

You can’t afford to run another advert without watching and learning how to set up your landing page in the right way.

Some of the things that should be on your landing pages are.
1. Webform:
2. Email: you need to create a form to collect the email of those who actually came to your landing page. It will save you cost when you want to run a retargeting ad.

3. CTA: known as CALL-TO-ACTION. Creating a landing page without letting the people know the actions you expect them to take is a waste of your customers time and your money

4. CTR: your CTR needs to be ok. So you need to buy this course to know how to set it up.

5. Price: very important for you to communicate how much your service is worth or the product you are selling costs. Without a clear and well-explained price, you may just waste your money running ads that your customers don’t even know how much they should pay for the course

6. Social Media: Testimonials are important and amazing. It’s important that you put your social media buttons for trust and not for your customers to feel that you want to run with their money

7. Responsive: many after creating landing pages with their desktop, or computers, just hit the published button with checking how it looks like on tablet or mobile.

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