How to Create a Landing page in Mailchimp.

Creating a Landing Page on mailchimp becomes essential to generate more leads and business. TO build the landing page on mailchimp you need to have content for the page and need to watch this video to learn the Landing Page designing using mailchimp Landing Page builder.

On mailchimp builder everything is really easy and premade. You just need to know which block is used for which purpose.

Text block is used to add text, image is for images, video is for video and other blocks are used to add certain elements on the lading page.
Here is a list of timeline that might help you to navigate through the video.
1. Login to mailchimp account: 00:14
2. Selecting the template: 00:32
3. Introduction to the landing page builder 00:50
4. The Content of the landing page 01:23
5. Preparing the block placement area to start the design 01:52
6. Adding the elements on the Landing Page 02:35
7. Adding the headline of the Landing Page 02:20
8. Adding the subheading of the Landing Page 03:30
9. Adding a video on the Landing Page 04:13
10. Adding the sign up form on the Landing Page 05:11
11. Customizing the success message of the Landing Page 06:10
12. Adding the DOWNLOADABLE FILE on the Landing Page 06:40
13. Adding images on the Landing Page 08:15
14. Adding other contents on the Landing Page 09:20
15. Adding a BUTTON on the Landing Page 09:49
16. Adding a link to the button 10:55
17. Adding the social share buttons on the Landing Page 11:40
18. Changing the color and formatting of the Landing Page 12:45
19. Configure the Landing Page setting and publish it 16:41

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This video is made for the educational purposes. Viewer is solely responsible for all of their actions and implementation. Before doin anything please do consider with a professional expert. This video might also be associated with affiliated links by which the channel could make a potential commission from the company.

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