How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software

‘How to choose the best live chat software solution for your business’ is a question that many of you come across when deciding which live chat software to buy. (BTW, here is a list of 20+ Best Live Chat Software:

In this video, we’ve tried to cover the key benefits and features that you should consider while choosing the best live chat support software.

Let’s narrow down these factors for you to put serious consideration when choosing live chat solutions.

#1: Proactive Customer Support

The first factor that you need to consider when selecting the best live chat tool is whether the one you have in mind can help you offer the best-in-class proactive customer support. It should help your operators know the visitors better as they browse the website and allow them to proactively approach visitors instantly.

Live chat software options such as ProProfs Chat allow you to use features like Chat Greetings that can help operators send personalized messages that shape the customer’s journey with the brand.

#2: Instant Support

Choosing the right live chat software is essential if you do not want your customers to wait for a solution and ultimately leave for the next best option available for your services. So the live chat you consider needs to be fast, and support various features that help your business offer instant solutions to customers.

For example, ProProfs Live Chat supports the integration of the knowledge base that helps you create a self-help center that can be visible to those looking for help in the chat widget. This means that help is available even before your visitors initiate a chat with support operators and see help articles relevant to what they are looking at.

Other than that, one of the major considerations before buying a live chat software is the availability of anytime, anywhere support. Give your operators the opportunity to answer incoming questions on chat through live chat mobile app.

#3: Integration With Third-Party Tools

Having the best integrations in place is also one of the major factors you should consider when selecting the best live chat tool for your business. Make sure that the live chat tool you think of getting on board for your business offers integration with multiple platforms and that too at the same time.

#4: Delightful Reports & Analytics

Finally, you need to make sure that the live chat software you plan to use helps you track different metrics such as:

total number of chats answered
rated chats
average rating
average chat duration
response time
missed chats
individual operator performance

Such metrics help your business work towards improved services and delighted customers. Watch the video to explore these benefits in detail.

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