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Wix Question Answered: How To Add Wix Live Chat to my website?

In this Ascend by Wix tutorial, we dive into the amazing tool of Wix Chat. This is an extremely intuitive live chat solution for your Wix website. A tool that connects your visitors directly to you. This allows you to exponentially increase the amount of leads you generate while also building trust with your visitor.

What features/capabilities does Wix Chat offer?
-Manage live chat from your desktop or Wix App on your mobile device
-Increase leads with a built-in lead generation form
-Schedule live chat hours
-Manage all of the chat through your Inbox
-Upgrade to Wix Ascend for some exclusive features

Utilizing this tool is just the beginning of all the amazing features you have access to on Wix. Although, if you have never used Wix Chat, I would highly recommend giving this a shot. It could truly enhance your site member or site visitors experience.

However, maybe you would like to save some time, stress and frustration and get a professional platform built out for you. If that is the case, my team and I can build your platform. Just head here and drop us a line:
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