How much does a day trader make in 2020? Day Trading (With Account Statement)

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Are You Addicted To Investing?

Investing can be a good way to help secure your financial future, but for some people investing can be addictive, like gambling. There are a few things you can monitor to see if your interest in investing has crossed the line.

Investing Wisdom

Investing wisdom that can make the difference between being a success or total failure in the stock market. What challenges us the most in investing in the stock market.

Stock Basics

Having been involved in the finance industry for so many years I sometimes forget that the stock basics are still a mystery to many investors. Before anyone invests their hard earned money into any type of marketplace we should have a general understanding of these stock basics.

Signs of Group Mentality in the Stock Market

“Hind sight is twenty-twenty” a phrase that best describes someone who has group remorse. Group remorse is the way we feel when we realize what we have done. It is always the same, “what was I thinking”. The fact is we weren’t thinking and it is who we are and we will do it again.

Tips for Trading in Nifty (NSE)

Trading in Nifty (NSE) can be challenging for some people considering the volatile nature of commodity and stock markets in India. Nevertheless, these markets have grown to a level of being the biggest in India with 95 percent equity derivatives and equities trading taking place on daily basis. This stock exchange market has also become a preference for derivatives traders in index options and futures.

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