How I Got Better At Day Trading [HINT: It’s All About Context]

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Facing challenges and struggles is normal for those just getting started in the stock market looking to learn day trading. I’ve been day trading stocks now for well over 10 years and I’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way, including some simple tricks that can make big difference within your trading strategy (and results). We should always be striving to get better at day trading and I want to show you a little trick that I’ve implemented into my day trading strategy that has made a massive difference. Context is king within the world of being a day trader and you need to give yourself the opportunity at it. Without context it becomes very difficult to make rational and logical money making decisions within a strategy; however, when you take a breath and allow yourself access to context (which I’ll show you in the video), it will truly begin to open up new opportunities within your stock market trading strategy.

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Importance of Reading the Stock Market Movement

Financial trading is guided by a technical and a little bit complete system. It is in this light that traders need to know several essentials aspects about the market. One of the best things to do in this light is to monitor and understand the stock market movement.

Series 63 License Exam – How To Make The Best Out Of Your Series 63 Test Prep

Those people, who wish to take up stock brokering or security trading as their careers, need to pass the series 643 test. This examination is governed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). Once you pass this test, you can trade securities in whichever state you wish. This test consists of 65 questions that need to be completed in no more than 75 minutes. All of them are in multiple choice format. As of January 2010, a minimum passing score of 72 % has been set. It is anything but necessary, that candidates must prepare exhaustively before they sit for this test. This article will focus on the main steps towards the series 63 test prep.

Steps on How to Buy Stocks in the Stock Market

Have you always wanted to know how to buy stocks? You need to take some steps and prepare yourself so that you will be able to take on this task quite effortlessly. Make sure that you are careful and you follow this guide.

What Every Company Needs To Know About Stock Buyout Agreements

A buyout is a transaction whereby the majority stock or ownership equity of a company is acquired. stock buyout agreements are used to set the terms of the transaction. Also called buy-sell agreements, they are used in many businesses, including limited liability companies, corporations, and limited and general partnerships. Buyout agreements often restrict or limit a shareholder’s ability to sell shares or transfer them to someone else when they leave the company. They are designed to give the company right of first refusal.

Don’t Shrug Off The Similarities to the Last Two Aprils!

It may seem unlikely for the market to repeat the exact same pattern for three straight years. But so far the conditions that drive the market are shaping up exactly as they did in April each of the last two years.

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