How Do Stock Trading Algorithms Work?

The Best Software For Trading
Benzinga Pro is the leading reaserch and analyses software platform for traders in 2021 who want exclusive analyses, insider CEO comments and a reliable market news source. This trading news platform has established itself as the go-to platform for stock traders who want quick access to what’s happening in the financial and trading industry.
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Are Stocks Overbought?

According to some analysts, there are reasons to be cautious about equities in 2014. Will the bears be right this year?

How Do I Decide When It’s Time To Take A Loss On A Trade?

Let’s face it, many of us are going through some of the same issues when it comes to options investing. With that said, I thought by sharing these responses with you here, we all could get something out of it.

How to Do Forex Trading Online

Forex trading can prove to be a great source of investment for individuals who know the ins and outs of this trade. Forex trading involves trading foreign currency in the markets. Those who are vigilant about the changes occurring in the marketplace and can predict the market reaction can make more money without adding much to their initial investment.

Don’t Trade Earnings Before You Read This

Four times a year, Alcoa kicks off “earnings season”. Many investors and short term traders love earnings season because the increased volatility and for them, volatility creates opportunities.

Not All Covered Call Strategies Are Created Equal

Did you know that the same portfolio which you constructed for growth, can also be used to create monthly income? Yes its possible, with the use of covered calls options strategy. What is a covered call options strategy?

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