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How do I plan my social media posts? How do I create and fill out a content calendar?
This Video Will Teach You About Planning Your Social Media Posts.
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In this video, you will learn the top productivity tips in planning your social media posts. We’ll cover how to use a content calendar to ensure that you have your posts all planned out in advance. I’ll share an easy-to-use, highly-effective template that will make planning your social media content a breeze. We’ll also learn how to take important milestones and events into account when planning your calendar so that you can ensure that you always stay relevant and on-trend with a good mix of engaging content for your social media platforms. Now, let’s get started with learning how to plan your social media posts!

🕘 Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:35 Intro to content calendar template
1:32 How to use content pillars
2:53 Planning content around events
6:09 Personalizing your content calendar
6:29 Example content calendar

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