Free forever social media scheduler demo: Unlimited profiles. Unlimited messaging.

Check out this video demo of a free forever social media scheduling tool, Unlimited social media profiles and unlimited messaging. I’ve shared what I particularly liked about it and you’ll see just how easy it is to use. Never pay for a social media scheduler!

Hi, I want to share a new free social media scheduling tool with you. It’s called It’s free forever. And it has unlimited social media profiles, as well as unlimited messaging.

I’m going to show you why I really like it. This is a shot of the calendar where you can see all the things that you posted. What I’m going to do is walk you through a dashboard. You can see the place where you would add your social media profiles. What’s great is you can add your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your Instagram business account, Twitter profiles, your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn page. As you can see, I’ve been able to bring in all my different accounts here, which is great.

There’s a bank where you can keep your hashtags and your media. I’ve got the hashtags, where you can store them, as you create them and you can save them. This is a great spot for those. Then you have your media library, where you can bring up the assets that you want to use to create your different social media messages.

From there, you can go into creating your messages. I’ve got one here that I’m going to post now. I’m going to choose to do a link post. Put the link in here, then put in the copy that I’ve made separately.

So you’re able to see that it starts to create everything for you. Then you can schedule it. When you do that, you can pick the date and time that you want it to run. Then you’re going to be able to pick which of your profiles that you’re going to put it on. This will go on the Facebook page. Then schedule it.

Now that has been added. See “Content Successfully Scheduled”, and we’re good to go. See how easy that is.

I do you want to show you Instagram. You can do your stories. You can do IGTV. If I were to do a message here, I would also have this advanced option that I like, where you can put your hashtags into the first comment. I thought that was pretty sweet that they offered that for you as well.

The other thing is if I wanted to do the same one again at a later time, I could then modify and choose to schedule it instantly for a future date as well. I just hit the scheduler, maybe modify the message a little bit up here and then choose another date that I wanted to schedule it.

After that, you’re able to look at your final calendar to see exactly where everything’s going to fall, and how it looks. You can see not only what you’ve scheduled into the future, but what you’ve published in the past.

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