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An #article rewriter or #article spinner is a tool which rewrites the content of an #article by changing the sentences and phrases. And the contents are changes in such a way that the meaning won’t differ.
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Article Writing for Beginners – What Is Jargon in Writing?

What exactly is jargon and would it be acceptable to use in writing? Whether you’re a student or professional writer, discovering how and when you use specialized language like jargon is an essential part of creating clear and usable writing work.

Creative Writing Tips: In Late, Out Early

If you’re looking to writing creative fiction and you have a large idea, how do you convey the information without boring or overloading your reader? Let’s discuss this.

Difference Between Genre Fiction and Literary Fiction

Just what is the difference between genre fiction and literary fiction? Is one better than the other?

7 Cool Content Ideas for Idea Strapped Bloggers

As a busy entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges can be coming up with content for your blog. On occasion you may find yourself scratching your head wondering “what will I write about now?”

How to Optimize Your Articles for Your Blog Readers

If you apply my guidelines in this article, I assure that you’ll have your articles well optimized and gain dedicated visitors to your blog. Of course you read many articles about “how to optimize your articles for search engines”.

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