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The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

This video gives you an overview of an AI-based Content Marketing Tool that helps you to create and optimize your content with ease.
It gives you a free demo as well.
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If you’re a blogger, content creator, or into the content marketing field, then this AI-based tool might make your job much easier.

Every content creator knows how much time-consuming is the research process before writing your article.

Basically, before writing an article on your site, your search for the different topics and questions to cover.

You might use one tool to collect the related questions on your topic and another tool to search for sub-topics to cover in your blog post., an AI-based tool helps you by doing all the work for you and you get all in one place.

Some of the Core features of
1. Get relevant questions people are asking on a specific topic.
2. It helps you to easily optimize your already published blog post.
3. Get a complete outline for your next blog post
4. The ‘Frase answer engine’ answers your visitors’ questions by using the content of your page. Hence improve engagement and conversion.

Link to the tool:

Link to the process of implementing the ‘answer engine feature’:
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