FirstMetroSec Trading Platform Walkthrough

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In this video let’s take a walkthrough on the FirstMetroSec or FMS Trading Platform. FMS is the brokerage company of the Metrobank Group and a member of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

For beginners in Stock Market, navigating the trading platform is one of the challenges to totally understand how the stock market works. In this video I created a tutorial on what are the essential tabs in the FMS trading Platform.

In this Channel, I do upload Stock Market 101, Stock Market Terminologies,
I do upload Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies and Learnings from my Trading Journal,
and lastly Trading Psychology

This are the skills that Investor and trader can use in their stock market journey in Philippine Stock Market as well in International Markets that are being trade in ETORO.

This channel focus on Stock Market Beginners or Aspiring Investor and Trader with Little to No Knowledge.

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