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Want to know why Kartra is our (and your) “go-to” all-in-one automation tool…

Here is a snapshot of the main features Kartra offers—

* Fully-featured product carts to lead the visitor directly into the payment process with simplicity.

* Complete affiliate management, analytics tracking to reward affiliates with commissions based on a) the price-point of the product or b) the individual.

* Email marketing automation. BAM (behavioral adaptive marketing) allows for an intimate personalized experience based on what the user clicks on and ‘wants.’

* Page tracking, tagging and sequence initiation to match behaviors/clicks/page visits ‘with’ specific next steps, order forms, email campaigns.

* Customized opt-in forms builder. Not only build a leads-list, but customize it so you know exactly who they are and what they want (to receive from you).

* Full help desk with live chat. Supports visitor during pre-qualification process as well as during the sales process, and throughout them digesting the products on pages or in membership areas.

* Rich membership sites with multiple pricing tiers.

* Video hosting with pre- and post-CTAs.

* Beautifully designed, high-converting marketing pages, landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, order pages.

* Social media integration to encourage engagement from the “page” to share on Facebook for greater exposure.

* Countdown timers within email and pages to trigger steps and optimize action.

* Customized Pop Up forms with buttons, images, or exits to increase conversions.

* Highly responsive design layouts. Multitude of options for font styles, color, spacing, layout.

* Save-feature for “sections” to clone designs and easily duplicate sections or pages or campaigns.

* Pre-Built for you campaigns and pages that are easily editable for tweaking and fast launches.

* Floating bubble messages & LIVE support “help desk” to greet visitors or initiate action steps.

* Easily create custom designed HTML pages to use on your Blog or website by simply copying the code.

* Membership site with engaging experience (moving visitor into clear steps). Monitor the rate at which your users access your content with “analytics progress tracking.

* Product pages with multiple price-points, and affiliate percentage or flat-rate payouts… with upsells, downsells, bump offers.

* Tracking with tags: See exactly WHICH visitors land on a specific page, and click on a specific button to offer the best experience for them based on what they want.

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