DIANA – AI Song-Contest 2020 – Writing Camp

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This year as part of c/o pop xoxo the DIANA AI Song Contest took place in Cologne for the first time. The event was separated into the DIANA Songwriting Camp and the DIANA Ceremony. The award goes to musicians who have written and produced songs using various AI software and open source lyric generators.

The Song-Contest was kicked off by the DIANA Songwriting Camp on 20th of October 2020: Nine musicians, lyricists and producers were selected in advance by a jury. The criteria were quality and uniqueness. No previous knowledge of AI and AI software was required. Over the course of a day, the teams consisting of three musicians together with two AI applications each wrote a song. Subsequently, a music video was generated for every song, using an AI video software.

TEAM #1: Ashia Bison Rouge, Vincent Ancot, FLOSS
TEAM #2: Franziska Schicketanz, Mari van DUS, Johanna Amelie
TEAM #3: Lilou, Cloudy June, BerthaJu

Thanks to our partners & supporters: Stadt Köln, KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung, boomy, LANDR, Factory Berlin and c/o pop Convention.

Impressions from the Writing Camp are shown in this trailer!

Film: Soulglo
Music: Jovanka v Wilsdorf & Boomy AI – Dörty Diana

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