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Thank you Hello everybody good morning welcome to Wake up legendary happy Friday it’s uh November 18th and uh we’ve got another Awesome guest on it’s bright and early For them over there if you’re newer or Maybe this is your first time watching We go live every single Monday through Friday at 10 A.M Eastern and we bring on Some sort of a guest that is having Success from our training or is using One of our uh one of what we call the Core four business models uh online uh Affiliate marketing digital courses Coaching and Consulting and events and Masterminds so we try to bring on people Who are finding success in various Different uh niches Industries Businesses And share a little bit about how they Started and this is a way to get a Little bit of inspiration and rather Than waking up with Fox News or CNN or Other cabled news uh you can wake up and Uh get a little dose of inspiration for Your day so uh if you’re tuning in live With us let us know where you’re tuning In from in the comments uh we go live From our Facebook page uh so let us know In the comments where you’re tuning in From we’d love to see all the different Places that people tune in from and uh Let’s bring on our guest for today also If you can uh leave a little comment

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Saying uh welcome and good morning to Our Guest Alexis what’s happening hello Not much good to have you on the show Yes thanks for having me Uh tell us a little bit about Um Tell us a little bit about you and uh Your journey to finding legendary and Tell us a little bit about Um you know you’ve got a whole career That you have Um as a dental hygienist I think and uh Tell us a little bit about that and tell Us a little bit about why you decided to Come online and start to learn some Online digital skills yeah of course so I actually started my career in nursing I went to nursing school for nine months I commuted every single day it was Probably like an hour and a half commute Every single day Um and throughout that time I cried Every day and knew I didn’t want to do It I knew it wasn’t for me and so I’d go Home and tell my parents I’m like I’m Not supposed to be a nurse and they’re Like this is what you’ve always wanted To do you should do it and I’m like nope Not for me I know it’s not for me and One day I went into my advisor’s office And I was like I’m dropping out and they Were like excuse me they’re like I mean My GPA was great everything was going Good I just didn’t I knew it wasn’t for

Me and they were like well hold your Place for two years if you ever want to Come back and I was like okay sounds Great I’m not coming back but thank you So then I felt like I was in a crisis Mode I was like what do I do with my Life now like what am I supposed to be Doing and one of my best friends was Like you have great teeth you should go Into dental and I was like dental and I Was like I’ve never even thought of that Um so I actually became a dental Assistant first I was a dental assistant For about five years and it just wasn’t Making the money that I wanted so I was Like why don’t we just go ahead and go To hygiene school so I applied I was Super lucky I got in my first round Which was like very unheard of because Hygiene school is very competitive to Get into Um I was like one of five that like got Picked out of district from where I was At to go so I went through hygiene School and I love the dental field I Truly do it’s like my passion I’m so Glad I found it Um right now I am working part-time kind Of I sub at my office it’s very small It’s private I work it’s called mirio so It’s like the hardest of the hard for Teeth Um and I got carpal tunnel And I’m only 28. so when my hand was

Starting to go numb during appointments I was like something is wrong I need to Figure it out Um so I went to the orthopedic surgeon And they were like you for sure have Carpal tunnel and a nervous sitting on My elbow joint too so every time I move My arm my entire hand goes numb oh yeah So not fun so I was like oh my gosh what Am I gonna do so just like any other Person at night what do you do I’m on Tick Tock and all of a sudden I Start seeing these girls my age saying That they’re like working from home Doing stuff online making all this money And then like I want to do that so I kept seeing Legendary marketer pop up like on all of These people that were saying this okay I was like this is a pretty well-known Core sense and so many people are doing It Um I reached out to a couple people just Kind of asking questions trying to get a Feel for it because of course everything On the internet you’re like is this a Scam like is this right like can we Actually do this so I ended up signing Up for the course And I always tell people how I knew it Wasn’t a scam is by the third day when You get set up with an advisor I was Like I’m talking a real person like I Get to do a zoom call with somebody

Um so I did the zoom call I went through The 15-day course and it was like the Best thing that I’ve ever taken it was So in-depth with stuff every question That I had before I started got answered Throughout the course and I was like This is amazing like this is so good Like one of the best online courses I Could have asked to take Um so that Started skyrocketing when I started my Um my Tick Tock I started posting videos On there kind of getting a feel for it And then probably by like my second Month I was getting so many views on my Posts and I was like This is crazy I’m like what is going on Here and then I’ve now had so many of my Videos just go viral like Seven to eight hundred thousand views I Have one that has over a million views Like you’re just constantly getting Followers and like it’s just crazy how It works I I didn’t think that it would Like happen like this and I’m like oh my Gosh am I friends and my family are like No freaking way they’re like this and I’m like I know I’m like I never thought Of it either Um so then I was going through like the Course and stuff and I saw that like Pinterest was one that people use as Well and I love getting on Pinterest and Posting pins so I was like why not do

Pinterest too so on my Pinterest I use Like affiliate marketing but I also Promote my Dental products there too Since I’m a hygienist and I know about Different products I’m like why not do This there so I post those two things on Pinterest and they’ve just been both Amazing for me Wow that’s so crazy so when you started Posting on Tick Tock and stuff like had You ever had you ever like really made Tick tocks before was that like a new Thing or a New Concept for you I made a Couple like trying to do like the trendy Videos and stuff oh they were absolutely Terrible though like not good at all and I was like this is like cringe-worthy so I actually like hid some of my videos Because I was like I don’t want people To go back and see these oh my God Please from the from the deep dungeons Of the internet please let no one ever Find these I was like this is so bad But to only me to see them it’s so funny Yeah yeah I am It is funny that we have you know like Uh I was just looking at your Tick Tock And like you’ve had a video recently That had like a million views or Something and I was just on a I was just On a webinar recently where Um Uh people are like uh people were Commenting to me you know like what’s

Happened to tick tock like it just seems Like nobody’s getting like views the way That we used to or whatever you know Whatever it is and um and it’s just it’s Interesting because you’re using a Strategy that I’ve seen quite a few People use which is the shorter videos That have a lot of words on the screen And people they keep replaying and you Get lots of views now so for instance One of your videos and for those of you Watching we’ll we’ll uh share her Tick Tock a little later and you can kind of Go look for yourself but one of your Strategies is uh posting videos that Have a lot of words on the screen it’s About five seconds and it keeps playing And so the tick tock algorithm is like Damn like this video people are sitting Here reading this video and Um I’ve had lots of feed over the last Couple of years I’ve had lots of Feedback on uh you know uh what style Videos work and what don’t and theories And people you know conspiracies of this Video this type of video works this Doesn’t but I think Um find the the power of this show to me Is that we unpack sort of what’s working Right now for real people like for Instance that strategy is working really Well Now the big objection to doing a video

Like that from from most people and I’d Like for you to address it is that Those types of videos they might grow Your followers but they don’t really Result in leads or sales like they don’t Actually help you make money Could you address that a little bit I Mean you don’t have to get into income Claims and stuff like that but I know That you’re you’re successful you’re You’re making money and Um that being part of your strategy Seems to have helped you generate leads And make sales yes Floor and and I was actually like Following everybody and trying to Message them and it got way too Overwhelming so now I try to message Back on my Tick Tock and say hey follow My Instagram Direct message me on Instagram or you can just click the link In my bio and it’ll give you all the Info and details to what you want and I Think that’s what’s really helped people Go to that personally messaging them Um tick tock’s wild right now that Accounts on like a view only mode until Like the 23rd I’ve sent in reports to Them Um and they take it off almost right Away when I send in a report but that’s The only issue that I’ve had because now I’m having like thousands and thousands Of comments and I can’t respond to

Anybody and they’re like the link isn’t In your bio and I’m like I know so Actually before I went on this show I Went live on my Tick Tock I had so many People asking me like how do I get to Your information and I told them my um Instagram was the same as my Tick Tock So before I came on here I had like six New messages on my Instagram and they’re Like I’m been trying to get a hold of You I didn’t know how so it’s really Great to have like the different ways so My biggest thing to tell people is you Can at least try to get a couple Comments on your Tick Tock saying like Hey go to my Instagram or my link is in My bio go to that because most people See the video and they don’t go to your Page so then if they go to your page and They see the link they’re like oh this Is where I can like find all the Information right yes it makes total Sense makes total sense and I’ve told People for instance with um with stuff Like Tick Tock too Um this is this is a fun idea that I Used to do when I was uh doing webinars Back in the day is uh I would and Dave Used to assume uh Dave has a domain that He owns called I think it’s like Dave’s Big news or Dave has big news or Something like and uh so he Would go on a webinar and it would just Be an easy to remember domain that he

Would forward to his funnel or for you Get forward to your Instagram account or Something like that that’s an Interesting idea where you know if you Go live on Tick Tock and you’re like Damn I don’t have a link in my bio you Could do a green screen with this big Ass domain above your head that’s like You know or something yeah and uh And then as people you know as people Are scrolling they’re like oh now I know Where to go and I don’t have to go Through all these different steps like You know through these I think it’s Totally fine though to have people reach Out on Instagram because Um that’s that’s just one idea but the Way that you’re doing it the reason I Like what you’re doing is because uh When you get people to reach out to you It it Um It changes the dynamic from being the Hunter versus the hunted and Um you know it it puts you in a position Where uh you have people seeking you out As opposed to feeling like you know You’ve got to go hunt everybody down and Tell them what this great thing that you Want to sell them and that usually Doesn’t work human psychology doesn’t Work that way it’s why I like the hard To get thing is a is a real thing in

Dating you know it’s because there’s a There’s this element of like I have to Go you know reach out and find it and Chase it and uh the same is true in a Lot of times in marketing and so as You’ve been doing that and working Through you know tick tocks view only Things there’s lots of people who Experience that Um Have you found that uh a majority of Traffic and stuff is coming through Tick Tock is that the primary place you’re Finding success 100 Per have my Instagram link to my Tick Tock my Instagram is getting a lot as Well too like over the past week I would Say my followers have grown like by 300 In like a week I’m getting like 10 to 15 A day now um so once my Tick Tock comes Back to life I’m assuming I’m going to Get even more Um another big thing that I saw was when I first started I kind of geared it more To like the nine to five people wanting To quit their job and now that I found Health care workers like dental Hygienists and nursing and stuff that’s When now I’ve started to see the people Like in my profile like I’m a hygienist Too well I’m a hygienist and I want to Make money on the side well I’m a nurse And I only want to work part-time so it Really is a true thing when you have to

Find like your specific audience like The more broad you are you get like Random people like I was getting a lot Of college kids at first that were like I don’t have the money to actually start This like I had a lot that were like do You want to pay the seven dollars for me And I’m like no don’t I’m sorry Um so now finding the Right audience is Really a big part of it yeah finding and Right Bingo and a lot of times you can Do that through you know starting out The video in the first five seconds or Calling it out or if you have a bunch of Words on the screen which is a great Strategy nowadays To to start the start the video with Some of those words on there and it’ll Help call out the audience a little bit Like Um like uh I noticed in your it for Instance you did this a great example in In the video that you have that got 1.1 Million views you talk about in the First sentence or two nursing school Dental hygienist and a lot of times When people are scrolling and that stuff Those words are right in the middle of Your video like so as I’m scrolling Nursing and dental hygienist as I’m Scrolling if I’m in a let’s say I’m a Dental hygienist it’s like boom I’m Gonna see it and I’m gonna be like Oh I’m in dental hygienist Tick Tock now

And uh and then I’m gonna be like wait What’s she talking about interesting you Know and that’s part of the reason and Then they’re like okay let me read this Again and now suddenly uh the algorithm Sort of building this like Network for you of people who are number One Um usually dental hygienists have seven Dollars to spend you know they might not Be the wealthiest richest group in the Entire world but you know they might not Be billionaires but like there’s some Expendable income there for sure Um it’s a good career and uh you’re also Building people who probably have a Similar Journey or similar Story or a similar lifestyle as you Which then helps sort of people can Relate to that so it’s a really powerful Marketing point you you just said there Which is kind of calling out the Audience identifying who that audience Is and then um and then building your Content to speak to that ideal Avatar Right yes 100 percent So great yeah yeah yeah and I like that You’ve also built in kind of like your Your dental hygienist thing into that or Your Um You’ve built in something that’s your Expertise already And uh you know I the other day I can’t

Remember I have I have been this is kind Of weird but I’ve been scrolling through Tick Tock occasionally and this same Person is going live Um Who I think I don’t know what exactly She sells or what I I haven’t discovered That quite yet but she goes live and She’s a dentist and she just answers Questions about like people’s teeth or Like questions about their teeth like on A tick tock live and there’s hundreds of People who attend this thing who are Watching her live she’s been doing this For months and I do think that Um finding different Avenues or Expertise like finding different niches That you can explore into is a really Powerful thing too long term because you Can build out multiple different niches And businesses and when you start to do That you start to see what where you’re Drawn to and where you’re not really Drawn to uh especially over the long Term you can start to build out coaching Businesses or Um even just selling digital courses Like I know that this sounds crazy but Um selling digital courses on like uh Uh a night time and morning time uh Routine or a little ebook or something Like that Um for your teeth I know that that Sounds crazy but there’s a lot of people

Out there who you know when you Market It certain ways like hey have you ever Wondered what’s the what’s the dentist Recommended routine and have you ever Wanted to see a dentist actually do it Or a dental hygienist actually do that Routine like I’ll walk you through this Entire thing and then for the rest of Your life you know pay me pay me thirty Dollars for my course one time and then For the rest of your life you never have To worry about like how should I be Cleaning my teeth and chances are you’ll Save yourself hundreds and hundreds of Dollars on stupid you know root canals And all this different and um Anyway I’m making this up as I go but I Think that sometimes you know you found A real passion in in that Niche and in That industry and then You know you can combine sort of the Core four business models with that and In your email follow-up you can have you Know my number one recommended uh Toothbrush and you could probably have An affiliate link to that right Um you know you could send them to a Page that has you holding up this little Toothbrush or whatever and like here’s Why I love this toothbrush blah blah Blah blah and then there’s a big huge Button to go purchase that right now go You know purchase and you could build Out 50 different emails of different uh

Dental products or educational things or Whatever and uh I just think Um a lot of times people discount their Expertise so I’m happy to hear that You’re sort of taking a look at your Expertise and all the work and energy You’ve put in and now you’ve sort of Discovered different ways to tie that in What um what in the dentist realm have You found to like sell or are there any Products so far that you found that you Could sell or be an affiliate for or Anything like that yeah so there I used quip a while back yeah I know a lot of people that use it I’ve Used that Our toothbrush head so it’s just kind of A patient preference of what they like The most Um and then I have another one it’s like A little gummy and I’ve had some other Patients try it and it’s for like perio Disease helping put good bacteria back Into your mouth Um so I’ve done that one as well Promoted that and I’ve seen some good Reviews on that so those are my two Biggest ones Um I started focusing more on the Affiliate marketing side with like Legendary because I was seeing more Success with that Um so my biggest thing is when I get too Many at one time I

Sure I get so jumbled up and I’m like oh My gosh this goes to this that goes to That so I’ve really tried to focus on One thing that’s working right now and That’s what I tell people when they like Message me they’re like how do you do it And I’m like I first started trying to Have like five different platforms I was Like absolutely not do not do it I was Like so stressful I was like start with One thing and build from there and I was Like as you become good at it as you get Like the hang of things then you can Start building other platforms along With it that like coincide and it makes It so much easier Yeah I think uh that is a great strategy Whether that’s you know you’re doing it In the make money online Niche or Whether it’s in the dentist Niche or Whether it’s in the whatever niche Um there’s a question people always ask Me which is hey can we build out Multiple niches can we build up multiple Businesses and the answer is always yes But uh Usually recommend starting and Generating some form of income as just a Proof of concept with something that you Know you can sell or something that you Know you could be an affiliate form and Make sales from and um yeah I think that Starting that way and and beginning to Build a little bit of expertise or

Building a little bit of um Uh uh Authority in an in a niche or Industry and just a little bit of like Self-confidence as being an online like Presence or being an online person what How what’s your content creation look Like from a day to day are you making Like three videos a day five videos a Day Um it just kind of depends honestly so On the weekends I normally try to make Multiple videos and put them in my Drafts so then throughout the day I’m Not having to be like oh I have to make Another video right now or oh I have to Think of something Um so I do that and then if I have a Video that’s going like viral or that’s Getting a ton of comments I don’t post For a couple days after that I kind of Let that one faster and get comments and Likes on it and just solely focus on That one because after that I’ve seen Like if one video goes viral the next Two that you post maybe get like three Or four hundred views maybe so I’m like There’s no point posting these ones Especially if I think it’s like a good Tick Tock if I’m really proud of it and I’m like this is a great one that’s Gonna get a lot of views and then it Gets like 200 views I’m like right So yeah I try to just do it throughout The weekend and then post throughout the

Week Um anywhere between one to three though A day even if it only gets a certain Amount of views I at least post one Cool yeah I think that makes sense the I I also think that yeah it’s a good Strategy to Um It’s a good strategy to to like post one Of those videos and then to Um to to post some videos after a super Viral video or to go live or something With more information about yourself or More information about Um like your journey or story basically I was teaching this yesterday on one of Our blueprints webinar calls and the way I was explaining it was like kind of Posting one of those what I would call Like a growth Style video And then posting five to ten more Conversion Style videos so growth uh Meaning to grow the channel And then let’s post like five to ten Videos that are more just like uh Responses to comments so just hitting Reply to comment and posting that like That’s an easy way to engage with your Audience and show you’re a real person And encourage people to engage with your Content and then you know five to ten Days later post another gross Style Video because some of those videos when They go viral they can blow your channel

Up you can go from you can go from a Thousand followers to ten thousand Followers in a week or less Um Which is crazy but it’s the it’s the Social media World we’re living in Um but yeah I think that um that’s a Good observation about how that works And how that that um Usually right after you post one of Those you get less views and those are People who maybe followed you from the Previous video and are still just kind Of checking you out and so Posting videos there that are more like That are more hey get to know me or hey Get to know my Channel or hey here’s Where you can find me that makes a lot More sense what um what’s been in terms Of strategy and finding content how do You find content how do you discover Content that you can post on your Channel are you are you stalking other People on Tick Tock are you Um getting ideas from other content Creators like how do you go about that Process I Oh people obviously you’re like well They’re successful I want to be Successful too so I’ve looked at theirs And you kind of put your own spin on it And then other times I’m just kind of Like sitting in bed thinking about stuff And I’m like oh I can be brushing my

Teeth as a hygienist right now and posts That I just woke up and made this amount Of money while I’m brushing my teeth That was one of my other videos I got so Many people angry at me for the way that I was brushing my teeth I was standing Really far back and they’re like you’re Brushing your teeth wrong and I was like Oh my gosh so then I made another video Of like close up and I was like this is How I’m brushing my teeth and I’m like Would you like me to post another one For you for a tutorial and so then People were like did you guys forget She’s a hygienist and so it’s fun stuff Like that but yeah I definitely have Done the comment one where I’ve made Videos of people asking questions the Biggest one you always get is like what Is affiliate marketing what do you do Day to day Um and are you a real person like most People think that you’re just like fake Robot and so I’m like no I’m real Yeah totally and you have to be a little Playful with it Um And you have to be a little Um I don’t know work in some humor and Working like make it a make yourself a Little bit relatable to people if you Want people to listen to you and and Um follow your instruction or take your Advice or something like you have to be

A little bit relatable at least you know You have to be able to give yeah likable Yeah there’s there’s a piece of it That’s like you have to be a little bit Not as not interesting the way Dave says This is you know you gotta be more Interested in them than you do wanting Them to be interested in you or to be Su Oh I’m super interesting look at me look At me Um It has to be a bit more about them and Their concerns and what are they Thinking and what are they interested in And Um how can you grab their attention and And then sort of entertain and massage Where they’re at in life and all of that Kind of stuff whether it’s a whether It’s a quick toothbrush uh or whether It’s Um a an online digital course it doesn’t Really matter Um yeah wow fascinating Um for for uh people and the best place To find you do you prefer that they go And follow you both on Tick Tock and Instagram is that preferable Um I would say probably my Instagram Just because I’m able to respond to People faster that way and it doesn’t Block me from anything so I know that I Always have that form to see my messages Respond to messages and you can send

Like pictures and videos there I’ve had A lot of people ask for like a video of Just me talking to see that I’m a real Person Um I actually just had somebody Yesterday I looked at her profile and She lives like five hours away from me And my boyfriend’s sister is a nurse Like close to where she’s at and she was Like even you just saying that made me Actually like believe that you’re a real Person and I’m like I am I promise I’m Not just some random trying to scam you So yeah it’s it’s uh well there’s a lot Of fake profiles out there now and so People have to be really careful and Um it’s those little things that are Like you know hey can you just like send Me a clip of saying hi and like here’s My name you know and then it’s like you Get a clip of somebody who’s like hey I’m real you know or whatever and then It’s kind of like oh okay like this this Normalizes this experience a little Because otherwise you know as I like Scroll through something like Instagram Or Tick Tock or whatever it is a little Bit like damn I don’t know like who is This person what are they actually like There’s a lot of people out there who Will literally take An entire like Instagram profile and Copy it like they’ll download the photos They’ll upload them they’ll make it look

Just like them and then they’ll try to Like scam them into some Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme thing Um that isn’t real that has no Legitimacy at all and so people need to Be aware of that and so yeah that makes Sense and so anyway we’ll Point people To your Instagram all that to say We’ll Point people to your Instagram for you Um But before we before we sign off and Everything here’s here’s one thing that I’m that I’m wondering if you could uh Help some of our beginners with so a lot Of times people who are watching the Show not everybody there’s lots of People have been here watching many Times but a lot of people who watch our Show Um are newer to our community they’re Like hey you know sort of like you in August uh back in August when you you Know signed in and purchased the Challenge they’ve been looking around They’ve been you know watching people on Tick Tock whatever They they sign in they look at day one And they’re like okay this looks intense Like this is going to be pretty intense Um they start going through the Challenge they’re like okay like how am I ever gonna post my first video on Tick Tock this is so overwhelming I feel like This is so intense what would you say to

Those people who are in the first few Days of the challenge as they’re just Getting going they’re just starting to Learn the business model learn how to Make money on the internet what would You say to those people to give them a Little inspiration or a little belief That they can do this Um well everybody starts out in the same Way we were all there at one point like You just said Um I took notes every single day I had a Little binder and I put day one day two Day three and so I would go through day By day and reread stuff and then when it Got time to post my first video I think I was in the same boat that a lot of People have like what if my family sees This what if my friends see this what if They make fun of me and I’m like then I Had to completely change my mindset to Be I’m going to prove them wrong I’m Going to show them that I can do this And that I’m going to make money this Way and that I’m going to be successful And so I posted it and I just had no Remorse or regrets after that I was like I’m gonna keep doing it and I’m gonna be Successful and I don’t care what people Think and that’s how to be my biggest Mindset is don’t care what people think And then when you become successful and Your videos start going viral and you Actually become something your friends

And family are like oh my gosh like you Actually did it like I’m to the point Where my dad is having me help him sign Up for the course so he can start doing This because he’s like this is amazing I Need to do this So my biggest thing is don’t be afraid Get yourself out there everybody starts There you have this huge community of People behind you like I love going on The Facebook page and seeing people Encourage each other like we’re here to Encourage you no one’s here to bring you Down we’re all want the same thing we All want the same success Wow Amazing I love it And yeah it is it’s it’s really true That we there is an amazing Community That’s been curated here but also man That little nugget of advice you make it Sound easy but it’s not all that easy Sometimes you know when you’re when You’re first getting started just to not Care what people are thinking it’s like No I do care a lot what people think Like it matters a lot with my what my Mom and dad think of me or what my you Know my nieces and nephews think of me Or whatever you know like that’s a That’s a hard thing to do but man you’ve Really pushed through that Um and you’re having amazing you’re Having an amazing run so

Congrats on that and congrats on all the Success you’ve worked hard for it and um Yeah keep keep on not thinking uh or not Caring what other people think Um because it looks like it’s paying off It is Well thanks for coming on the show Alexis and um we’d love to have you back On if if you want to come back on the Show in like a month or two and just say Hey again and come on with Dave and We’ll uh kind of catch up on what’s new And how things are going and see if your Tick tock’s unlocked and all kinds of Fun stuff Um we’d love to have you back on yeah of Course I would love to thank you so much For having me of course see ya bye all Right so we’ve got uh Alexis’s uh Tick Tock and Instagram up here it’s making Money with Underscore Alexis uh you can follow her on Tick Tock and Instagram if you want to send Her a message or just say hey sorry on Wake up legendary uh send her a message On Instagram go to her Instagram make Money with underscore Alexis she’s Amazing and Um we are pumped and excited uh as we’re Going into the weekend Um hopefully you are having a good November Uh we’ve got some cool updates uh to our

System platform everything that’ll be Coming later on in the year and uh we’re Always working and scheming to make Legendary the best that we can possibly Make it uh go follow Alexis and let Alexis know uh one powerful thing that You heard from her on today’s show so That way she knows uh what was Meaningful we’ll be back here on Monday Uh I believe Dave will be back here on Monday for another episode of wake up Legendary peace out everybody see you Have a good weekend Thank you

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