Day Trading Stocks to a Million EP. 6

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Day Trading Stocks to a Million EP. 6

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The Secret Component in Investing

Luck and skill are said to be the secret component in investing. Why? These two are essential factors needed for investment trading and financial success, but obtaining the victory is not easy and sometimes clean it can be luck.

The Quotation Board 101

The First Quotation Board segment of the FSE open market has been closed to new admissions since December 2011 and then closed entirely on December 15, 2012. This means that companies then listed on the First Quotation Board segment were required to either upgrade to the Entry Standard, General Standard or Primary Standard segment of the FSE or be delisted. For the approximated 450 affected companies the question now arises whether they complied with the stricter rules or prefer to leave the stock exchange. The closure of the First Quotation Board will make the Second Quotation Board now known as the Quotation Board, an appealing option for issuers seeking to go public on the FSE.

The Two Market Trends That Stock Traders Should Watch

Market trend reversals provide buying opportunities. This short article describes an established trend change and another that is developing. Gather your cash and watch for the time to buy!

Equity Investments – The Knowhow

It is likely that investors, especially beginners, have trouble understanding how the “market” works. What starts as trouble picking the right investment avenue ends at trouble understanding the technicalities of the multiple transactions one needs to make. The cycle is unending. Let us begin with the basics of one avenue – equity investment. It is surely easier than the preconceived notions one enters with. And while we are at it, we can also discuss the aspects of investment banking in relation the equity.

How to Remove Emotion With Proven Money Risk Management Principles for Better Share Trading Results

Position Sizing also known as Money Management tells you how many shares to trade and is the most important component of any Trading Plan. Don’t confuse Money Management with Stop Placement. Stop placement does not answer the question, how many? Risk Management refers to Stop Placement to minimise any losses and protect your profits. Learn how to remove emotion and guesswork from your share trading decisions.

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