Day Trading Bot Doubled My Money?!

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Day Trading Bot Doubled My Money?!

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In this video I wanted to follow up and show what happened with the day trading bot from last week’s video. It did not end very well. I’m gonna continue trying different bots and hopefully find a profitable day trading bot. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

Knowing the Best Day of the Week to Sell Stocks and Why

Ok, so everyone knows that it is pretty much impossible to predict what the stock market will do. If that were the case, there would be a lot of millionaires who made their wealth from the stock market … wait there ARE a lot of millionaires that made their wealth from the stock market. Ok, if MORE people could predict what the stock market was going to do, there would be a lot MORE millionaires who made their wealth from the stock market and definitely a few more billionaires to join the likes of Warren Buffet.

How to Use Stock Market Trends When You Invest Your Savings – 3 Effective Tips

When you wish to invest your savings in the stock market, you need to do it wisely. Since the volatility of the market can wipe out your savings within a short period of time, you need to study stock market trends to guard your investment. Here is how to use share market trends when you invest your savings and grow them instead of losing your hard-earned money.

A Day Trader’s Journey

Back in the mid 1990’s, my wife Angel and I managed to finally save some money and we were concerned with how we might provide a quality college education for our 2 boys. Retirement planning was not yet a thought for us as we were doing OK financially. We started our investing plan by going to some seminars conducted by local financial planners and we actually began investing in mutual funds.

Overcoming the Fear of Missing Out

Fear is the major emotion that will hamper one’s trading and investing career. There are various fears that all traders and investors feel and deal with at various points throughout their development to become consistently profitable traders and investors. Let’s discuss just one of those fears. The Fear of Missing Out. This fear encompasses a couple of variations, but can be taken literally. The trader has a fear of missing out on a huge winning trade.

The Stock Market – Understanding the Risk Involved

Every investment has its risks and the stock market is no different. It is quite possible to become VERY wealthy in the stock market. However, it is also possible to lose your entire life savings (nest egg) in a few trades. I have had my entire account (10’s of thousands of dollars) wiped out on at least three occasions, so trust me, I’ve been there. This can all happen to you if you’re not careful and jump in blindly without doing your homework.

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