Copywriting With AI (Artificial Intelligence): An Introduction to Anyword

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

For ads that convert, you need effective copywriting skills. And now, with the power of AI, you can generate instant copies that convert- backed with boatloads of data! Check out my new favorite copywriting tool for all things ads, blogs and video scripts: Anyword.

To snag a free 7-day trial AND 20% off any of their plans, use the link + coupon code below:
Promo code: Anyword20

(Note: this is an affiliate link, but I only promote tools that I love and use myself. If you’d like to check out the tool, I hope you will consider using my link above and subscribing to my channel for more tips and trainings on this using this nifty little tool for all of your content marketing needs!)

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00:00-01:08 Intro
01:09-1:36 Anyword’s home page + current promo
1:37-4:26 Built-in demo
4:27-6:53 Creating a project
6:54-7:38 Ad copy for different Ad platforms
7:39-9:38 Creative mode
9:39-10:32 List mode
10:33-13:05 Mixing and matching for longer ad copies
13:06-14:05 Pain-Agitate-Solution Framework
14:06-15:05 Attention-Interest-Desire-Action Framework
15:06-16:01 Saving and exporting shortlisted copies
16:02-17:11 Hook vs a headline
17:12-17:44 Creating a headline
17:45-18:47 Outro
18:48-19:08 End screen

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