Copywriting Software Writes Better Than Me? Review & Reaction

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

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Copywriting software has been around forever – is this one any good? Find out in this review.

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Self-check-out lines replaced checkout clerks.

Is AI here to replace human copywriters?

The good news is that isn’t trying to replace humans, it’s just trying to make the job of writing sales copy easier.

But this is an area where many tools have gone in the past… and failed miserably to be quite honest.

So does and their Jarvis Bot have a real shot at moving the needle and actually being useful?

Check out this video to get my unfiltered reactions and opinions.

Table Contents:
00:00 – Start
00:31 – What is Conversion.AI?
01:56 – Conversion AI Templates
03:30 – YouTube Title Template
05:33 – UI Explanation
06:23 – Video Hook & Intro Template
09:24 – Review Responder Template
10:50 – Email Subject Line Template
12:18 – AIDA Template
14:42 – Managing Your Generated Content
15:07 – Content Improver Template
16:33 – Perfect Headline Template
18:00 – Facebook ad Headline Template
19:56 – Final Thoughts

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