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The Achilles Heel Of Investing In Equities

When adopting an earnings-based approach to investing in stocks (i.e. based on an estimate of a company’s future profits) the Achilles heel is the reliability of broker forecasts. In other words, the most important issue facing you when considering whether to invest is whether an analyst’s earnings forecasts can be relied upon.

Find a Good Stock Broker That Will Help You Pick the Best Stocks to Buy

Let’s cut to the chase. Finding the best stocks to buy and making an investment is not easy. In fact, it can be trickier than what you think. It requires enough knowledge, effort, and may even eat up a major portion of your time.

Danger Of Debt In Bear Markets – Part 1

It is vital to focus on the company balance sheet in bear markets because most money can be lost in a downturn by investing in companies that are badly financed. It is crucially important, therefore, to assess the financial strength of companies. So how does one go about measuring the financial strength of companies? In order to assess the financial risks facing a company the key is understanding how balance sheets are constructed, how much debt there is and the cost and pressures of servicing it.

Seven Key Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Stockbroker

Seven key questions you need to ask before you select your stockbroker. You need to know the difference between the different types of service on offer and their benefits: discretionary, advisory and execution only and which one is most suitable for you and why. Before you choose your stockbroker you also need to know the risks associated with different tradable securities, such as equities, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives etc… what expertise your prospective stockbroker has in which tradable securities, whether they offer their own independent in-house research and how extensive its coverage is.

An Obsession That Will Hurt Your Stock Market Results

Some traders and investors use price-earnings ratios as their basic measurement tool when deciding if a stock is undervalued, and worth buying. This is not a sound way to make a trading decision. Learn how the world’s best traders and investors make fortunes.

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