– What is the Value of a Tool Like This?

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2. Article Forge

Every successful business knows that conversion optimization is key to its success, but it can be difficult to know where and how to start if you’ve never done it before.

My name is Chad and today I’m going to show you the value of a tool like for your business. It’s not always easy understanding why an app can make such a huge difference in your company’s revenue so let me break down some of the things this app does for you as well as what other benefits come with it.

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What is the ROI of your blog posts? High-converting copy? Or video scripts? The value of any product is what you get out of it. The keyword is “you.” The value of Conversion AI to me will be different than the value of to you.

Gary Vaynerchuk puts it this way. “What is the ROI of a basketball to me? Nothing. What is the ROI of a basketball to Lebron James? Billions.”

In other words, it depends. You might be wondering if Conversion AI is worth it. The price starts at $29/mo for up to 20,000 words — but I recommend the unlimited plan for $109/mo so you can experiment and craft the best content possible.

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