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2. Article Forge

Today we’re excited to launch a new feature at The Long-Form AI Copy Assistant. This new capability lets artificial intelligence (GTP-3 with other additions) generate high-quality blog posts with the flexibility of steering the AI to write the direction you want.

Your new AI copywriting assistant, Jarvis, will help you:
✅ Save hours writing clever, original content
✅ End writer’s block forever with new ideas from a robot
✅ Generate long-form content in minutes
✅ Write and translate content in over 11+ languages
✅ Make the tone of voice more educated, funny, or personable.
✅ Write with perfect grammar and spelling

🎉 Special deal for Product Hunters:

We want to give back generously to this community that has supported us over the years through all our launches, so for the PH community, we’re paying for your first 20,000 words written by Jarvis plus all the long-form features with the Pro plan. We can’t offer this discount forever so it ends May 1st, but if you get it today you’ll be grandfathered into the $99/mo price for unlimited words per month.

Thanks for the support and we invite you to join the revolution of entrepreneurs, writers, and content creators using AI.

Voice your feedback and excitement in the Facebook group at:

Get your PH deal to try 20,000 words for free at:

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