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Need a Conversion AI long form assistant tutorial to kickstart your copywriting? This video will teach you everything you need to know!

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Conversion AI’s Long Form Assistant. This tool can be used for building long form content, such as blog posts and emails. It also comes with the ability to automatically generate Facebook Ads and other types of copy. In addition to the long form assistant, there are over 30 templates you can use for specific purposes.

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00:00 What is the Conversion AI long-form assistant?
02:00 How to describe your content to Jarvis
03:15 How to generate title ideas
03:53 How to generate an intro paragraph
04:26 Getting started with the long form editor
05:26 How to use the long form composer
07:07 How to make the AI ignore previous content
09:00 How to control where the AI focuses
10:00 Creating instructions and prompts the AI can follow
12:20 How I finish documents with Jarvis and Grammarly

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Make sure you describe to the channel, and stay tuned! I’ll be publishing more tutorial and my Conversion AI review soon!

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