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This Conversion AI blog post tutorial demonstrates how to use to write a blog post.
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Conversion AI is a top-of-the-line AI copywriting software. It can generate anything from ad copy to sales letters to blog posts and more. As you can see from the tutorial, minimal user input is required in order for the AI to write long paragraphs of well composed text.

00:00 How to write 1000 words FAST with Conversion AI
01:31 How to use the long form editor and power editor
02:12 Getting started with the Blog Post Outline tool
03:44 How to scrape Google for relevant questions
04:50 How to set up the long form assistant
07:00 Generating titles and opening paragraphs
08:03 How to use the long-form assistant for blogging
18:30 Hitting 1000 words after about 15 minutes

This Conversion AI tutorial is about more than long form AI copywriting, though. It also demonstrates how to use the power editor in order to generate a blog post outline and how to scrape “People Also Ask” questions from Google manually.

Here’s my Conversion AI long-form assistant tutorial:

Using the tactics mentioned above, it is easy to write a 1000 word blog post FAST. This tutorial is under 20 minutes and I wrote over 1000 words while recording it, but I could have done so in 10-15 minutes if I’d been focusing on speed rather than making a tutorial.

What would you do if you could consistently produce 1000 words in 10 minutes without typing?

Don’t let it be a mystery – sign up for your free trial at Conversion AI today!

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