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Today we look at Content Bot 👉 vs NeuralText 👉 in an Appsumo Select Showdown!

✅. The GPT-3 Revolution is taking over Appsumo!

ContentBot is your AI writing assistant with 25+ tools that lets you generate blog posts, ad copy, email campaigns and more in seconds.


ContentBot AI is a tool that was previously available in the Appsumo Marketplace for a very limited time. I actually made a video on this channel going over ContentBotAI. They have improved things since that video, but many of the benefits from that video still remain, including the WP Plug-in that works inside the gutenberg editor. I definitely think ContentBotAI is worth the investment as it is one of the better AI tools that I have looked at.

Neuraltext uses AI to analyze SERPs, find valuable insights, and generate the copy for your site.


NeauralText was a very promising tool that I couldn’t wait to purchase and make a video on. That was two weeks ago… and here we are, finally talking about it today. Sure, I’ve been a bit busy lately, but the truth is the tool launched to an audience they were not prepared to service. Between issues redeeming my code, to problems accessing the site to issues with certain tools being “under scheduled maintenance”, I think NeuralText has a long way to go before joining the conversation as a Frase alternative or a better option than ContentBotAI or ConversionAI.

It isn’t all bad for NeuralText. In fact, most of the tool is quite good and now that they are ironing out some of the issues, I think it does show promise. Even so, you have to weigh the risk when faced with the onslaught of GPT-3 tools available in the marketplace right now. If you have Blogely, Frase, MarketMuse or the like, then I think you’d probably be best served skipping NeuralText. Those are my thoughts today, and they are subject to change, but it’s taken restraint to not refund the tool and just move on… I have seen quite a few refunds on my affiliate account for this tool so I believe many of you feel the same.

ContentBot AI keeps getting better and one can hope this deal will be long lasting and prosperous to the ContentBot team. It is going to cost you more than if you missed it in the marketplace, and for that reason I still think I prefer Content Villain and Nichesss, but the longform editor + the overall vibe and what they are trying to do with the tool could easily make this a contendor to take the top spot of my favorite AI Tools.

Currently these are my Top 5 rankings of AI Tools in the Appsumo store:

1) ContentVillain (Bespoke model + Middleman Access + Longform Editor coming soon)

2) Nichesss (My first and most used GPT-3 tool and the best value on the market)

3) ContentBot (Covered in this video + the most promising “refined” tool that has hit Appsumo)
A good ways down the list are the rest

4) GoCopy (Left the store as quick as it came… similar to ContentBot Originally…)

5) Writesonic (not as good of an output + limited by credits)

I have videos on all these tools on the channel so if curious, check them out!

Which of these two tools should you get?

ContentBot vs NeuralText?

It comes down to 1 thing – do you need more of a SEO tool (NeuralText) or more of an AI Tool Exclusively (ContentBot) – NeuralText has frase-like features (contentbriefs)… but is a bit limited in the AI Functionality. You can upgrade for $19 per month to get unlimited credits but keep that in mind… another monthly fee!

ContentBot is a true ConversionAI Alternative that you can get with unlimited credits and 25 longform articles per month for just $147. Sure, it costs more than originally in the store, but it is still too good a deal to skip in my opinion… especially if you need an AI Writing Assistant that will only get better with time!

Let me know your thoughts down below!

Thanks for watching 😎

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