Content Professor – Best Article Spinner ***

Content Professor – Best Article Spinner ***
The Content Professor has been taken down but above is a link to a free article spinner***

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You stopped by because you want to create unique content for your websites. Plus you want to be able to do this from your operating system and the web browser of your choice! You want your content to be fresh, unique and at the same time, legal! We all know that Unique Content is King! That is why Content Professor is perfect for you.

Your main focus is to make money for your business. You realize that unique content on your websites is a priority. Article marketing is a very powerful marketing method!

What can great unique content do for you? It can provide you with direct targeted traffic to your websites. This will enable the kind of backlinks that can provide a huge boost in your search engine rankings! You want to rank no. one in your search engine rankings.

That is why we are telling you about “Content Professor.”

It uses advanced technologies, along with artificial intelligence. It also includes natural language processing. Two years of research, testing and analyses went into creating “Content Professor.” Plus they listened to what their customers wanted.

And at last, A spinner that delivers superior quality and unmatched features were introduced.

What can Content Professor do for you, you ask?

With the simple click of your mouse, this advanced technology spinner will produce a flood of super high quality spun articles, and at the same time, save YOU time, money and effort.

Your main goal is to attract quality targetted visitors to your websites. Plus you want to watch your traffic and your sales skyrocket. This can be done on complete autopilot!

In a nutshell, article marketing is the best type of marketing today. But it can be extremely slow trying to produce quality unique content. The solution is spinning your content. ! Article spinners can take one article and spin it into hundreds or thousands of re-written articles.

We have all heard of the slogan, “WorkSMART instead of HARD!” When spinning your articles, you will never pay for fresh unique content, plus you will save time and money, sweat and tears.

Are there any problems With Spinning? Some spinning hardware is virtually unreadable. But you do not want junk articles on your websites. The perfect spinning software is fast, easy to use and effective. Welcome, Content Professor.

The Standard version of Content Professor is FREE to use!! What does the Content Professor Give you? You will receive a multi-lingual thesaurus database. Plus pt prioritizes synonyms on how they are used. High-quality synonyms are added and poor quality synonyms are removed.

It gives you high quality and relevant spun articles to use on your websites.

Some of the advantages of Content Professor vs. other article spinners.

It works on any computer system, any web browser;
The Standard version is free for all users. Users upgrade to Pro when they choose to;
There is an easy to use interactive interface;
It uses the latest technology in Web Development;
You will receive unique content to use on your websites;
It comes with a huge PLR library for your use;
There is a duplicate content checker;
You will receive frequent updates, along with continuing development and enhancements;
It uses a unique algorithm that continuously refines the multilingual database;
It is also FAST and it can create many unique spun articles in a few seconds.

Some of the differences between The Standard and Pro Versions of Content Professor:

Download time
Quality Control Levels
Amount of documents you can spin each month
The number of articles you can save
Database of synonyms
Nested spin levels
Amount of downloadable spun articles at one time
The standard version is FREE; PRO is $19.95 per month or $9.95 per month if paid quarterly.

You will find more detailed information regarding the differences between the Standard and Pro versions in the video.

Not sure Content Professor is for you? Just try out the FREE standard version first to see if you like it. Check out the website by clicking on the link below the video.

Content Professor – Best Article Spinner ***
The Content Professor has been taken down but below is a link to a free article spinner***

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