Checking out OpenAI + GitHub Copilot – new AI coding assistant

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

Taking a look at GitHub Copilot, an AI assistant built with AI model OpenAI Codex that helps with writing code in many languages and frameworks.

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► I Tested GPT-3 Based A.I. Marketing Copy Assistant
► Interviewing GPT-3 Chatbot Founder 🤖
► My TOP 5 GPT-3 Use Case Examples

The Copy AI copywriting tool is available here:
I joined their affiliate program, so if you sign up with this link I receive a small commission. 🙂


00:00 – Bloopers 🙂
00:07 – Intro
00:39 – What is Codex and GitHub Copilot?
00:56 – About access to GitHub Copilot
02:23 – How does GitHub Copilot work?
02:54 – Is Codex something like GPT-3?
04:19 – How good is GitHub Copilot right now?
05:27 – About Codex training set
07:59 – About context limitations
08:38 – About alternative suggestions
09:24 – Will Copilot replace programmers?

Music by Daniel Mahardika – Conclusion –

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