Can an AI write Essays? (AI Applies to Stanford University!)

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

In this video, I use OpenAI’s GIGANTIC language model to answer essay prompts and effectively fill out the application to Stanford University. All the essays generated in this video are AI-generated and do not represent the views of OpenAI as a company. College essays were a stressful part of my college application process, so I thought it would be fun to get an AI model to write college essays!

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On this channel, I like making videos about things like AP Calculus, A-Levels Mathematics, College Admissions, College Applications, Mathematics, Programming, USAMO, USACO, USAPhO, science, math, competition, extracurriculars, education, exam, studying techniques, exam prep, test, how I study in 2021, final exams, how to be productive, how I study in quarantine, algorithms, coding, computer science, chemistry, biology, research, internship, college classes, physics, memorization, UC Berkeley, EECS, UCLA, UC, walkthrough, review, cramming, Georgia Tech, Advanced Placement, AP, Harvard, admissions, Berkeley MET, Yale, high school, student, study, day in the life, stem, olympiad, and college. Subscribe if you want videos about such topics! This video in particular is about learning machine learning, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, python programming, and learning deep learning.

This video in particular is about artificial intelligence, machine learning, GPT-3, and college applications! Also about college decision reactions!

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Outlining the Problem
02:32 Cool Applications of GPT-3
03:16 The Creation of the Essays
03:47 Reading the AI’s Essays
12:15 Conclusion/Outro

#artificialintelligence #gpt3 #machinelearning

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