Bookmap Day Trading Footage for PLUG (Plug Power) – Level II, Tape Reading, Order Flow

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Don’t Buy the Earnings Hype

Wall Street is pushing a positive earnings narrative this season. But, with corporations doing everything to please shareholders, are the true results really that positive? When the veil comes down, so will the market.

The 2016 Market Crisis

A key market indicator has missed projecting a decline in the past two years, but the third time will not be charming. There’s a storm brewing on Wall Street: the 2016 market crisis.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Review

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, consist of 30 important companies that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones index was founded by Charles H. Dow and implemented on May 26, 1896. The 30 stocks now in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are all major factors in their industries, and their stocks are widely held by individuals and institutional investors.

As Soon As Microcap Shares of Stock Take Off High

Do microcap stocks in time evolve? In case you frequent messaging boards that often serve day traders and specifically, those that trade OTCBB stocks and pink sheets, you could have attended some individuals who proclaim their own microcap stocks will quickly break high on a genuinely larger market index encompassing NASDAQ or AMEX.

How to Make Money With Binary Options

Many investors try to earn quick money from the Binary Options trading. However, some of them may not have proper ideas about this Yes or No trading. In this article, there are five tips to earn more money on Option trading with minimizing risks.

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