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In this video, I’m going to share with you an honest review of a complete writing app with AI Blogley content writing tool. Let’s deep dive into the video to learn more about the best all-in-one article writing software.

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Blogely is a tool to use for content marketing all around. They have a lot of different tools you can use in order to just create better content. I first came across Blogely on AppSumo where they had a deal running. They are working on implementing an AI assistant, and it’s very interesting to see how it comes around.

They have at the moment a few AI elements where you can generate a summary of your article. The overall future of Blogely looks interesting, even though I find it tough to use, I am curious to see where Blogely will head in the future. It’s a Story Chief alternative, but also an alternative to Frase and Marketmuse.

The best article writing software Blogely can help you leverage your writing skills and transform your words into mighty content from providing simple word processing functionality to analysing your words for maximum SEO effectiveness.

BLOGELY is the software that helps to build original and readable online content. It helps create, optimise, plan, and publish the content, setting it in a standard where it can be ready to compete with others.

The outline helps you stay organised and focused throughout the writing process. Growing your online presence through original content and if you want to take your content to another level, you’re going to need help so let check out this app to get help to make the journey easier and less painful.

Blogely roadmap:
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