BEST TOOLS for CREATING and MANAGING social media content 2021

Discovery and learn the best tools you need for creating and managing social media content. As a social media manager with many years of experience growing social media accounts for clients from different industries, I want to share with you some of my all-time favourite tools that help me create stunning graphic designs, speed up my workflow, and get the outstanding results for my clients. So if you want to learn what tool to use to create and manage social media accounts as a social media manager – this video is for you!

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0:00 trust me, you need these tools!
0:40 Content Ideas tools (they help me find content ideas)
1:59 Design tools (they help me create beautiful graphic designs)
3:46 where to find high quality stock images & videos
5:14 Scheduling tools (they help me schedule posts in advance)
6:30 Analytic tools (they help me analyse account performance)
8:10 What’s your fav social media tool? (comment below)

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