Best Day Trading Brokers in Canada- Questrade, Interactive Brokers, Thinkorswim, Wealthsimple & More

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1:04 Questrade trading and investing
3:35 Interactive Brokers Canada
4:43 TD Thinkorswim Canada Review
6:50 Trade Zero Canada
8:50 Centerpoint Securities Canda
9:47 Wealthsimple (Free commission trading & investing)

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Below are the best online brokers in Canada for day trading, investing etc:
1. Questrade (Long term investing in TFSA and RRSP. Large cap stock and options swing trading)
Get $50 FREE commission trades:
Account minimum: $1,000
Pros: Flexible pricing structure for day traders. Amazing customer service. Data package fees are rebatable. Great trading platform for charting and easy to use online broker web platform
Cons: Expensive monthly data packages. Commissions are flat rate and high.

2. Interactive Brokers Canada (Day trading large cap stocks and options, small cap longs)
Account minimum: $2,000 USD
Pros: Cheap commissions. Getting better at having short borrows on small call penny stocks. I use this broker for day trading penny stocks.
Cons: Expense on monthly individual data subscriptions add up. Slow trade order executions. Level II lag. Terrible customer service
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3. Trade Zero International (Broker for shorting with Small Account)
Account minimum: $500 USD
My Trade ZeroPro platform set up:

4. Centerpoint Securities (Broker for shorting with Large account)
Account minimum: $30,000 USD

5. Wealthsimple Investing (Robo investing long term for TFSA, RRSP or cash accounts)
Get $50 when you invest with $500:

6. Wealthsimple Trade
Get $10 in cash bonus when you deposit $100:
$0 commission trading. But there’s 1.5% FX fee (both buy and sell). Cannot hold USD cash in account. Poor charting interface. No volume indicator studies. 15 min delay in market data.
I would only use Wealthsimple Trade app for casual swing trading with TSX stocks. DO NOT use this app for day trading.

7. Thinkorswim Canada
Account minimum: $25,000 USD
Pros: Powerful interface for options strategies. OnDemand feature. Great platform for technical analysis. FREE live data. Cons: Most expensive broker commission fees around. $6.95/ trade.
My Thinkorswim set up for day trading:

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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆQuestrade Canada (get $50 FREE commission trades)

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