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Writing Smart Advertising Copy for Health Topics

Writing advertising copy for health-related products or services is a specialty that includes researching the target audience and providing useful and trusted information on the benefits of a product. Learn the nuances to improve your advertising copy on product descriptions, website pages and informational articles on health.

2 Simple Steps to Connect With Your Audience

What determines whether or not a reader deems your article valuable or worth reading? Learn 2 simple steps to connect with your audience to ensure your articles are give valuable information and are always worth reading.

2 Steps To Successful Article Marketing

Do you want to be a successful article marketer? If so, read on and learn 2 steps to becoming a successful article marketer.

The 1st Step To Creating Persuasive Articles

Do you want to learn 2 simple steps to writing persuasive articles to increase your products sales and your authority on the Internet? If you do, read on to learn more.

Deciding the Tone of Your Article Before You Write

Here is how I decide the tone of my article before I write: I decide what I write partially by what is happening as an issue in my life at the time I am writing it, among other factors that count also in my life. It is sort of how John Lennon and Paul McCartney probably wrote the song “In My Life”, based on something that happened in their lives.

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