Best AI Writing Tools: Can AI help you write a masterpiece?

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
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Artificial Intelligence has slowly elevated itself to the pinnacles of technological innovations. Most of the new innovative applications emerging from technology have the fundamental principles of AI behind it, be it deep learning, machine learning, or neural networks. The benefit of using AI in every walk of life is immense.
From healthcare to industry, transportation education, AI is a staple of every innovative idea. Writing tools are no different as they make use of AI and deep learning to mimic human cognizance. Gone are the days when your writing tool could perform spell checks only.
Today’s writing tools are loaded with features and help you become a better writer. They help in syntax, grammar, and even writing expression. These tools are a godsend for people who write regularly as they eliminate errors in real-time and make for a carefree writing endeavor.
Here are the best AI writing tools in the market:
Grammarly Business
Grammarly business is one of the best AI writing tools available on the market. It helps you work around those minor errors that nag you all the time. You can write your whole article or assignment before reviewing it on the Grammarly website.
Also, if you don’t want to review your document at the end, you can install various plugins. These include a plugin for MS Word, iOS, Chrome, and even a Grammarly keyboard for Android. These plugins will help you make your work error-free as you write each sentence.
Not only does the software help check spellings and grammar, but it also includes a style guide. It helps you adjust your writing according to your audience. For example, if you’re writing an academic piece, the application will weed out any informal or jingoistic language.
Not all writing tools help you with grammar and spellcheck. is a unique software that helps the writer and especially business writers overcome their writer’s block. Looking for creative ideas or to mix things up a little? Give a shot with your creative work, and it will handle the rest. is an easy-to-use tool that is designed for copywriters and creative writers. It churns out non-plagiarized content based on your ideas. The application helps writers and business owners produce high-quality content within the shortest time.
Wordmetrics is the perfect AI writing application for content marketers and web content writers. The application uses SEO techniques to inform you about your writing’s visibility and helps improve the SEO score. The application helps you achieve organic searches and also the profitability of your venture.
The application helps you write smartly, smoothly, and most importantly swiftly with high visibility on web pages. By learning from competing pages, it provides tips to boost your content up the visibility charts.
We round off our best AI writing tools with a traditional predictive keyboard application that helps you write faster and intuitively. Lightkey’s AI-based application can learn how you write and respond to emails.
It can predict up to 12 words at a time while you write based on your writing patterns and contextual analogies. Lightkey has up to 60 domains where it offers its expertise, including law, finance, academia, etc. It can be integrated seamlessly into MS word, Chrome, and even messenger applications.
The future or AI writing full coherent and original masterpieces is not quite here yet. But AI can help you write your masterpiece today.

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