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The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

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With Kafkai’s AI writer, you’ll receive 25 free articles during your trial. You’ll see yourself how evolved this AI content writer is.

This AI writer tool will get you up and running with your first AI blog post or AI article. Nowadays AI content writing starts to get better and better and some tools, apps, the software’s set the stage in this landscape of AI content generators. Kafkai is the first AI generator for article writing available to the general public.

There are multiple uses for Kafkai, from posting articles to Private Blog Network (PBN), niche blogs, SEO optimized articles for eCommerce, or even selling articles on Fiverr and similar websites with the appropriate amount of editing.

Kafkai is a cutting-edge tech based on a machine-learning algorithm for writing content. It allows you to generate hundreds of readable, unique articles for cents instead of dollars.

And get’s even better each day. Having the advantage of time and immense data they processed, your Kafkai SEO article generator will be your best content writer in the house. Maybe it already is.

Start your 3-day free trial of the Kafkai’s AI writer and receive 25 free articles:

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