ASX day trading review *TRADED WSA ASO & A2M*

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Infrastructure Spending and America’s Ailing Power Grid

Clinton and Trump have promised massive infrastructure spending. While bridges and roads are the center of attention, rolling blackouts indicate that the power grid could use some work too.

Passive Is Not Always Torpid

The first thing that comes to mind when the term ‘Passive Investing’ echoes in the ear is idle investments. But what is a concept without a few myths? Just like a butterfly comes out of a caterpillar, similarly a beautiful concept spreads its wings as the bubble of myths is broken. The term is not anything as the name suggests.Passive Investment has many myths on its account. It is important to know about it to have faith on it.

Self-Driving Cars Set to Rule Wall Street

Foul-smelling taxis and bad Uber drivers may soon be a thing of the past. Self-driving cars have gone from a wacko sci-fi-like idea to something we’re seeing on the streets now.

The Stock Market’s One Simple Truth

It hasn’t happened yet, but this market bubble will end up the same as the last. History repeats itself. Understanding this simple truth can lead you to an epiphany on the stock market.

LinkedIn: Microsoft’s Second Chance

Five years ago, Microsoft was a laughingstock. Apple products were selling like hotcakes, and Bing was… well, Bing. But the LinkedIn acquisition marked the beginning of a new era.

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