Article Spinning – What’s The Best Article Spinner For 2021?

The Best Article Spinner Tools
1. SpinRewriter
2. Word AI

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In this tutorial I show you exactly how Article Spinning Works.

I also show you the best Article Spinner for 2020 and 2021.

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Choose Your Writing Forum Wisely – Publish W/ Reputable Establishments – Content Supersedes All!

The Internet is such a wild, wild west of illegal activity happening to people who post their Intellectual Property on websites and blogs. It’s no wonder that less and less people are posting anything entertaining on their blogs. There are other writers, advertisers and large commercial companies stealing ideas, slogans, and sentences, as if they wrote it! Verbiage that was written by a humble writer that felt like expressing his heart on his own blog.Writers have a mission in life, to write good, quality, distinct, engaging and beneficial content. I wish you the best in all of your writing adventures and writing endeavors! If you enjoy writing and expressing your thoughts from pen to paper, there are a lot of wise forums to entertain! First of all, it’s not insane to expect to get paid for your writing. After all, somebody that is utilizing your writing IS getting paid, why shouldn’t it be you? Quality content is key to great writing and publishing with a reputable establishment is essential for your writing momentum to succeed!

A Six-Step Guide on How to Re-Write an Article

If you are a freelance writer, chances are you had clients who gave you articles written by someone else. They want you to re-write it but you think it is easier to start from scratch. So what exactly do you do?

5 Weird Habits of People Who Get Paid to Write Articles

When you get paid to write articles, you develop some habits that are not normal in the eyes of the public. It may not appear strange to you, but your working hours, how you interact with others and your attitudes towards them, portray you in different light. Read this article to understand five uncanny behaviors of freelance writers and why you may stick out like a sore thumb in your family or society.

Headline Hooks That Reel in Readers

Whether you’ve written an email, blog post, newsletter, white paper, or press release, your primary job is to persuade the intended readers to explore what you’ve written. The challenge is that anyone worth writing for is overwhelmed with potential reading material. Package and sell your content with a headline that helps the audience to know that your content, email, or press release contains valuable information.

How to Write Travel Articles – Going Beyond Documentation

In this new age of laptops, digital cameras and no telling what other gizmos are on the market today, travel writing is still what it is! It’s a real to life and vivid documentary of the things you saw, heard and did while on vacation or while just traveling through some town or spot in the woods!

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