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Where Should You Write First, Your Own Blog Or Other High Traffic Sites?

Content marketing is a well known strategy for getting lots of visibility to your online business. The question is whether you should write on your own blog first or other high traffic sites?

Writing A Good SEO Article

Article writing is not as easy as many non-writers think, especially SEO articles. But knowing what is expected of you can help a lot. Read through this article and learn how to write a good SEO article.

An Article About Writing Articles

About three years ago I began to publish articles focused mainly on improving processes within small business. Many of these articles are derived from having worked many years in larger organizations and attempting to translate those experiences to smaller businesses in the retail sector. The goal was to provide insights from large organizations and how they tackle operational, marketing and management issues. While producing an article about every few weeks or so can be time-consuming, what I have found is that it makes future content development more efficient. Rather than create content on an as needed basis, publishing articles in this fashion helps create content over an extended period of time. This process has time-shifted the content development.

How to Put Your Heart Into Your Articles to Better Engage Your Readers

When it comes to article marketing for traffic generation, I think we ought to go back to basics. Get this right, articles aren’t some magic potion. They’re meant to be informative so readers come away with something. And articles have to be well written, AND come across as genuine–not some underhanded trick to throw in some keywords for the sole purpose of ranking well, but to deliver the information to the reader that is credible and helpful. If you’ve struggled with article marketing, this article will address the common pitfalls associated with it and how to come out smelling of roses. It really is quite simple when you put your “heart” to it.

5 Tips to Entice Visitors to Read Your Articles

As you may already notice when reading information in the newspapers or perhaps magazines, if paragraphs are awfully long, the words may become jumbled up and quite confusing, let alone trying to understand what’s being said. However, with short, sharp sentences with creativity and to the point, motivates the reader to keep reading.

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