Article Forge Update: Article Forge Now Creates H2 Subheadings For You

Article Forge Update: Article Forge Now Creates H2 Subheadings For You

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After this video was uploaded, Article Forge did another update. You now have the ability to write long form content. This is a feature that Article Forge users were requesting for quite some time, and I’m happy to announce that its here. You can now write up to 1,500 word articles with H2 subheadings. Either let it create the subheadings for you, or create them yourself. Try it out!

** Be patient. Due to the recent update, everyone is trying this out and once and it may take several more minutes for articles to process.

In this video I want to go over a major Article Forge Update that occurred overnight. While I strongly believe that Article Forge is the leader in easy-to-create quality AI generated articles, Article Forge just rolled out with a new feature that makes it even better… Subheadings!

That’s right, you now have the option to add subheadings to your Article Forge articles, which is great for SEO. No more going in behind Article Forge and adding them yourself. Article Forge will automatically generate the H2 subheadings for you, but you do have the option of creating up to 3 subheadings of your own for Article Forge to write about.

If you decide to use subheadings with Article Forge, there is no option for sub keywords, that’s why it is vital to add your own subheadings to ensure that Article Forge writes about the topics that you want it to write about.

I’ve created a few articles before recording this video and I share them with you so you can see the quality output that comes with the H2 subheadings, so be sure to watch the video until the end.

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