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Article Forge 2.6 Review

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First and foremost, here is the blog post I mentioned in the video

Blog Post:

Now onto the good stuff.

This will be my Article Forge review that includes:

-Some of the Article Forge features.
-An overall Article Forge demo walkthrough.
-As well as example of articles that this content software creates.

All in all, I like what this software has to offer.

I’d recommend that you try it out yourself.

Here is some of the article that it created (and I edited):

Article Forge Article Example Begin

Article forge is a very interesting concept that makes use of advanced algorithms while generating article content. It presents itself as a unique website content generator tool that actually writes entire articles for you out of scratch. You just have to enter a single keyword, and in seconds, you get fresh new articles. It makes use of fancy algorithms to detect keywords and then spits new content right in front of you without the hassle of manually writing each and every article. What’s great about article forge is that it completely eliminates the concept of article marketing.

They did this by designing and implementing an algorithm-driven content spinning system. Spinning is a technique that allows authors to create dynamic and compelling titles out of scratch documents. This technique is applied on articles generated from spools and article bases. Authors can use this tool to spin articles that are of high quality and have relevant contents, without spending a lot of money.

It does not matter if your primary keyword is “search engine optimization”, “digital marketing” or even “make money online”. Spinning a quality article will create a highly readable article with relevant keywords that will not only grab the attention of your readers but also increase your Google PageRank. The high quality articles created by this unique website content generator will appear on the first page of Google when a searcher types in a relevant keyword query. The Googlebot will recognize your article as well, and thus, the keywords in your article will have the maximum chance to produce high quality links.

Article Forge Article Example End

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your software.



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