Article Forge 3.0 – How You Can Trick Google Into Giving You Traffic

Article Forge 3.0 Walkthrough

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You can trick Google into giving you traffic.

It’s not illegal.

It’s not unethical.

It’s a game.

It’s fun.

Google will give you the top spot in search results if you pay them.

Google will give you the top spot in the search results if you take your time and write out really well thought out blogs and videos.

Google will give you the top spot if you trick them into giving it to you!

Which one is more fun?

Article Forge is a tool I use to trick Google into giving me what I want.

They just released some huge updates. They are raising their prices.

If you are ever going to have a robot write longform content for you, now is the time to get Article Forge.

Watch me use it in the video below. Or just go get it here:

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